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The CEDIA Designer Launches Immersive VR Renders

Latest software update lets integrators email their clients an immersive VR render file of any proposed theater room.

The CEDIA Designer (TCD) has launched a significant update that enables its users to produce an immersive VR render file depicting the finished cinema room, ready to send to a client. This update takes TCD’s render tool functionality one step further, allowing users to provide their clients with an immersive preview of their potential cinema room — without the need to invest in specialized VR-enabled equipment.

Matt Nimmons, CEDIA managing director, EMEA, explains, “The process to add the immersive visual render is simple. The TCD user designs the technical elements of any dedicated theater room using the software, then selects the way the room will look by choosing from a plethora of décor and equipment options in TCD’s render tool. The immersive render is generated automatically by the software, taking just 15-20 minutes to create the file.”

The client can open the immersive render file directly from an email and view it on an Android or iOS phone, tablet, or computer. If opening and viewing on a phone or tablet, the client needs to download a free panorama viewer app such as Photosphere or Panorama 360 Camera, then open the file using the chosen app to view their cinema room. For an immersive visual experience, the client can view the file using an inexpensive Google Cardboard (or similar) headset and compatible panorama file viewer app.

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The immersive render replicates the exact dimensions of the room entered by the integrator in the initial design, including the screen size and position, whether the projector is in-room or on a lifter, or whether the room has a coffer or a starlit ceiling. All seating and in-room equipment will appear exactly as specified in the user’s design, replicating the correct location and configuration. Users can choose from an ever-expanding list of fabrics, colors, and textures for the walls, carpets and ceilings.

There are four levels in the tool: TCD’s immersive render functionality is only available for subscribers to Cinema Room and Cinema Room Pro tiers. With Cinema Room Pro annual subscription ($500 member/$850 non-member), this new functionality is included for free as a new value-added feature. For those subscribing to any of the other Cinema Room and Cinema Room Pro levels each use of the VR tool is $25 member/$75 non-member per design.

Nimmons states, “For the month of February, the tool will be open for unlimited uses for annual, monthly, and single-use subscribers of both Cinema Room tiers so they can see the incredible value it will bring to their clients and to their business.”

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