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THX Certifies StreamUnlimited

THX has certified both StreamSDK and Stream810 hardware from StreamUnlimited.

THX has certified both StreamSDK and Stream810 hardware from StreamUnlimited. This achievement will enable manufacturers to include the internationally recognized performance standard within the products that utilize the Stream810 or StreamSDK products.

The flagship Stream810, designed by StreamUnlimited, is a premium platform available in several configurations and certified for numerous voice and music services, along with high-performance audio formats including MQA and DSD. The THX certification enhances the platform’s ability to assist brand manufacturers in developing audio products that improve consumer listening and home theater experiences.

StreamSDK from StreamUnlimited is a modular software solution that transports streaming audio functionality to multiple consumer electronics devices. Features include built-in Google Chromecast, voice technology, a vast range of music and internet radio services, high-resolution audio, and multiroom functionality with synchronization below two microseconds.

“We are extremely proud to achieve THX certification for our StreamSDK and Stream810 hardware following a rigorous testing process,” said Frits Wittgrefe, CEO of StreamUnlimited. “This new partnership increases the opportunity for our product manufacturers to develop solutions that are proven to deliver high performance, and offers a uniquely premium differentiator in a very competitive market.” 

 “Our team is excited to partner with StreamUnlimited, a company which demonstrates excellence in its field,” said Scott Francis, CTO of THX. “Certifying these products was a natural fit and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.”