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Tigerpaw Software Launches New Cloud Solution

Tigerpaw Software Inc. has introduced its new hosted solution, Tigerpaw Cloud.

Tigerpaw Software Inc. has introduced its new hosted solution, Tigerpaw Cloud.

Tigerpaw Cloud offers the functionality of Tigerpaw’s desktop client delivered via the web on Windows PCs and Apple Devices.

“Our clients depend on Tigerpaw to run their business effectively every day—we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We didn’t want to deliver a watered down version of Tigerpaw as a web application, so we invested in a solution that allows us to deliver our rich desktop experience through the web,” said James Foxall, president and CEO of Tigerpaw. “We believe we’ve bridged the gap between hosted applications and the rich experience of the desktop to deliver the level of quality that Tigerpaw users have depended on for over 25 years.”

Tigerpaw’s hosted solutions offer businesses the following:

• Versatile Deployment: Available on most popular platforms including Windows and Mac OSX.
• Easy Set-Up: No additional resources such as a server or in-house IT expertise are needed.
• 24/7 Access from Anywhere: Whether at the office, at a client site, or working from home anytime day or night, customers have access to their data.
• Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Tigerpaw Cloud doesn’t require users to implement software upgrades, pay for maintenance or add hardware. Compared to traditional alternatives, users often pay less upfront and over time.
• Quicker ROI: Cloud solutions shorten time-to-value by significantly reducing the time required for software implementation and by lowering implementation costs.

In addition, Tigerpaw Cloud offers provides off-site backup, continuous monitoring, automatic improvements and upgrades, and phone and email support.