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Trinnov Altitude Processor at New CEDIA HQ

Altitude32 AV preamplifier one of the products showcased in the Reference Cinema Home Theater at the new facility.

The Trinnov Audio Altitude32 AV preamplifier will be the hub of the Reference Cinema Home Theater that is part of the brand-new CEDIA headquarters building in Fishers, IN.

Capable of discretely rendering 32 channels of Dolby Atmos (and soon to offer 30 channels of DTS:X Pro), the Altitude32 features Trinnov Optimizer speaker/room correction, patented Remapping technology that enables spatially accurate playback of all three immersive formats from a single speaker layout, and the ability to enable systems with up to 48 and 64 channels when used with an additional Altitude48 processor.

The theater was designed and constructed by former CEDIA chairman Dennis Erskine and the Erskine Group. The theater room provides an optimal acoustical environment with a high degree of acoustical isolation to provide maximum dynamic range for listeners in the theater and to prevent distracting sound from reaching office workspaces.

The 11.4.8 channel configuration utilizes a total of 30 channels of processing and amplification. The L/C/R loudspeakers are biamplified, and each of the four dual 18-inch driver subwoofers has a dedicated (and separately calibrated) channel powering each individual subwoofer driver.

Multiple manufacturers provided equipment for the theater. In addition to the Trinnov Altitude32 AL32-1632, the system utilizes 23 Procella loudspeakers, a Barco Loki projector, and a 206-inch wide Stewart Filmscreen projection screen. A Kaleidescape Strato is the media source, with Lutron Ketra lighting and control by Crestron.

Grand Opening of the CEDIA headquarters is scheduled for March 28, 2019.

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