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Trinnov Announces Its New Headquarters

The first stone will be turned in October 2023 with the opening planned in 2025.

Trinnov Audio has announced the construction of its new global Headquarters in France. The new headquarters is designed to stimulate creativity, teamwork, and provide well-being for the Trinnov staff. The company aims at encouraging scientific discoveries and the creation of innovative technologies and products by bringing together significant, cutting-edge resources.

Trinnov - New Facility

The facility will be built on one of the very last available land plots of the “Grand Paris” metro expansion project. After long and methodical research, Arnaud Laborie, CEO and co-founder of Trinnov Audio, found a pure gem, consisting of 5100 square meters of unspoiled nature adjacent to a future mega metro train station that directly connects to the very center of Paris (21 min), CDG Airport (27 min), and 400m away from the highway.

Out of a total area of 4500 square meters, the facility will feature no less than 1000 square meters of acoustic and listening spaces, including 450 square meters of laboratories and 500 square meters of showroom and training space.

Trinnov - New Facility - Floor Plan

450 Square Meters of World-Class Laboratories

  • A full-size anechoic chamber of 8m x 8m x 8m.
  • A passive variable acoustic room and critical listening room.
  • An immersive sound and active acoustics lab.
  • Many small acoustic and functional test rooms.
  • Electronic labs and a prototyping workshop.

In addition, the R&D team will enjoy 550 square meters of office space. The quality of the environment will benefit both the team and the work it accomplishes.

More Than 500 Square Meters of Showroom, Training Center, and Studios

Trinnov believes that education is key and are continuously developing ambitious training programs. The Trinnov complex will enable training with an opportunity for students to use its products in real and complete environments. By creating the entire facility from a blank page, Trinov was able to design each room with the ideal size, proportion, and materials.

The facility will include:

  • A 180- square-meter, 120-seat multipurpose room that can be used as a Cinema, a Dubbing Stage, or a large-scale Conference room. Its full-blown immersive sound system can even transform the space into a small concert hall.
  • A 70-square-meter VIP room aimed at demonstrating the best performance achievable in a private cinema.
  • Three studios: an immersive studio (home Atmos), a small music studio, and a photo/web recording studio.
  • A functional immersive space with variable acoustic and movable speakers.
  • A classroom and a reception space, complemented by several gardens and rooftops.

This facility will not only be used for internal needs but will also be available for Trinnov partners to host distributor and dealer events, host conferences, and organize joint product launches with other manufacturers.

A Reflection of Trinnov’s Identity

This building was conceived and co-designed by Trinnov and French architect firm GBL. To a great extent, the project benefited from an extraordinary level of involvement from Laborie throughout the project and over a period of 24 months. The result is a building that profoundly reflects the nature of Trinnov as a company, its ambition, and its dedication to continuous research surrounding acoustic performance:

  • Inspiration: The general shape, structure, materials, and a lot of details are driven by acoustic considerations while the interior staging and the windows framing are inspired by cinematographic methods.
  • Integration: The building is fully integrated in nature thanks to its four suspended gardens, its green roof, and, of course, the surrounding natural vegetation.
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: The building is optimized using the latest software programs such as IES EV, Pleiades, and STD Comfie. Additional strategies are implemented for energy efficiency so that the building can be energy positive once solar panels are added.
  • Optimized Cost: through Trinnov’s direct involvement, hard work, and control over the entire project, the ultimate cost for Trinnov is reduced to half the cost of renting a standard office in the same area. In addition, one-third of the building will be rented over the first decade, generating significant revenues and making the entire project very affordable for Trinnov.

The first stone will be turned in October 2023 with the opening planned in 2025.

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