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Trinnov Audio Begins Roll-Out of Its WaveForming Technology

Germany’s GrobiTV has been selected as the first dealer in the world to be able to offer and demonstrate WaveForming.

Following on from a successful CEDIA Expo, where WaveForming picked up no fewer than four industry awards, Trinnov Audio has announced plans to accelerate the roll-out of its WaveForming software into selected showrooms and projects.

Trinnov Audio Waveforming

After Trinnov’s unveiling of WaveForming at ISE in Barcelona in February, the company has been actively working with multiple partners to get pilot installations off the ground. Following several incredibly successful installations at trade shows and with speaker manufacturers, Trinnov believed it was the right time to accelerate its plans by approaching one of its most trusted dealer partners to establish what WaveForming could offer in showrooms.

GrobiTV, based in Kaarst, Germany, has been working with Trinnov since 2018 and was selected as the first dealer in the world to be able to offer and demonstrate WaveForming. With decades of experience in designing, installing, and tuning multi-subwoofer array systems, Grobi is the obvious partner to collaborate with for this initial installation, which was completed in August. You can view the dealer’s reaction to Trinnnov’s visit, in English or German, on the GrobiTV YouTube channel.

Patrick Schappert, Owner of GrobiTV explains: “WaveForming has improved bass reproduction with a precision and dynamic range like we have never experienced before. The noticeable pressure and the audible details have increased significantly in every seat. The difference can be heard and experienced immediately, and our DBA-equipped home cinema was the perfect cornerstone to accommodate WaveForming. Holger Franz from our integration partner Heimkinobau has a unique experience with more than 450 planned and built dual- and single-bass array solutions.”

Following from this successful installation, Trinnov is now extending this opportunity to a wider group of qualified dealers. Although Trinnov has privately and successfully completed WaveForming trials using more conventional subwoofer layouts, the immediate focus is on systems that deliver the highest possible performance to every seat.

This is a challenge that requires a design-led approach where the number and location of the subwoofers are dictated by the dimensions of the room and the upper frequency of control. For this reason, Trinnov is limiting this early access to projects that meet their current Subwoofer Placement Recommendations Guidelines.

Only Certified Trinnov dealers will be able to submit projects for approval. Interested dealers must contact Trinnov’s U.S. offices, who will provide the link to the project submission form. Once both the dealer and project have been approved, Trinnov will then invite dealers to attend online training where they will be taught how to measure and fine-tune using the new WaveForming software.

David Meyerowitz, Technical Sales Manager for Trinnov Audio says, “We know a lot of Trinnov Altitude owners will want to try out this new software on their own systems. While this will be possible when we get to public release in 2024, this early phase release is focused on qualifying projects that fully comply with our subwoofer placement guidelines. In this way, we can ensure that our performance objectives for this software can be met and demonstrated to customers successfully”.

Trinnov is conducting a webinar on October 19 at Noon Eastern/9:00 AM Pacific where these recommendations will be explained in detail. The registration link is available here. Dealers with questions can send them by email to [email protected].

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