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Triplett Shows LVPro, IP Stick and More at ISC West

Triplett is exhibiting the IP Answer Stick and PoE-Bug in booth 34066 at ISC West in Las Vegas, April 15-17.

Low Voltage Pro

Triplett has launched a fresh lineup Low Voltage Pro products that accept specialized snap-on test modules. Triplett will also launch the snap-on Video Test Module for all video installation and maintenance professionals.

“The LVPro20, LVPro30, and LVPro30SR now have backlit screens, internal improvements for ruggedness, and of course the re-designed back panel, software and electronics that enable the snap-on adaptor module,” said Spencer Craig, director of product management for Triplett. “We have also taken this opportunity to re-image the former yellow/gray (Byte Brothers) branding to Triplett’s familiar red and black branding. The Video Test Module snaps on to the back of any new LVPro, hijacking its user interface to run a host of tests on BNC, RG6, RG59, or HDMI cable, including signal level and loss, transmitter mapping, and cable length and quality. It also will generate a color-bar test pattern for HDMI display testing.

“We are extremely excited about the launch of the new LVPros and Video Test Module,” continued Craig. “The combination adds value to installers while addressing a common set of specialized video tests. Further, the modular platform will be extremely useful in the future as we tailor our products to specific applications and unique test requirements.”

Triplett is exhibiting the LVPro30 and Video Test Module in booth 34066 at ISC West in Las Vegas, April 15-17.

IP Answer Stick and PoE-Bug

Triplett will also add to its strong lineup of test and measurement equipment for IP cable and camera installers with the IP Answer Stick and the PoE-Bug.

“The IP Answer Stick is a must-have tool for IP Camera installers, enabling them to align and focus an IP camera from any convenient terminus along the data cable. It passes IP power through to the camera and has a port to connect a notebook computer for monitoring and control of the camera,” Craig said. “Further, it allows configuration of a router or other access point from its location.

“The PoE-Bug tests RJ45 ethernet ports for the presence of end- or mid-span DC power, enabling installers and repairmen to preempt damage to their expensive equipment that could be caused by PoE. These small but powerful tools represent our commitment to delivering constantly increasing value across our entire product line,” continued Craig. “This enables our customers to be more efficient and effective in the field.”

Triplett is exhibiting the IP Answer Stick and PoE-Bug in booth 34066 at ISC West in Las Vegas, April 15-17.