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TruAudio Introduces Acoustiscape Landscape Speaker

TruAudio has introduced the newest addition to its outdoor audio line with the Acoustiscape landscape speaker.

TruAudio has introduced the newest addition to its outdoor audio line with the Acoustiscape landscape speaker


A dual 70 Volt and 8 Ohm capable landscape speaker, the Acoustiscape gives integrators the flexibility of using a landscape speaker that will work in virtually any install environment, at less cost.

“TruAudio integrators appreciate a speaker that not only sounds good but is also easy to work with. We designed the Acoustiscape to be a very versatile, all-in-one outdoor speaker,” said Kary Wawrzyniak, vice president of technology at TruAudio. “We’ve included everything you need with Acoustiscape and it can be sold into a variety of different installs.”

TruAudio combined a 70 volt and an 8 ohm landscape speaker into one speaker. With a simple switch on
the back of the Acoustiscape, integrators can choose the appropriate electronics setting for different install requirements. According to the company, the Acoustiscape’s 8 ohm setting will provide rich and voluminous sound. For large outdoor areas, the 70 volt setting gives integrators the flexibility and cost savings of a daisy-chain configuration, providing excellent sound throughout the listening area. 

A unique mounting design gives clients a full range of motion so they can position the Acoustiscape and direct the sound exactly where they want it to go. With a 2-way design, the Acoustiscape sports a 4.5-inch injected polypropylene woofer and 3/4-inch soft silk dome tweeter producing great sound, with robust volume that is ideal for the outdoors.

The Acoustiscape comes complete with a 14 inch (355mm) industrial grade, metal ground stake. The Acoustiscape wiring is all concealed in the ground stake, so nothing is exposed to pests or the elements. Housed in a stylish, non-corrosive sealed enclosure, the Acoustiscape speaker is waterproof, weatherproof, and impervious to the elements.