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URC Now Integrates with Juke Audio’s Multi-Room Audio System

Users can access Juke Audio’s audio platforms via URC’s Total Control whole-home automation system.

URC has introduced a next-generation integration with Juke Audio. Now, users can access Juke Audio’s audio platforms such as Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect via URC’s Total Control whole-home and commercial automation system.

URC Integrates With Juke Audio

Juke Audio is a complete multi-room audio solution, distributing clear sound to wired architectural speakers across an entire home or commercial facility, and allowing for seamless wireless streaming from phone/table. The product is simple to install, easy to use, and limitless in its wireless functionality via the downloadable Juke Audio app in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Key benefits include:

  • Unified, Seamless Operation — Juke Audio’s audio streaming solutions can be seamlessly accessed as part of URC’s Total Control system via a single touch screen or handheld remote.
  • Simplified Voice Control — URC’s voice-enabled devices allow two-way communication and control with simple operation across URC user interfaces.
  • Customization to Match User Preferences — Form multiple rooms, zones, or devices, Total Control’s user experience allow easy entertainment management and usage.
  • Create Robust Entertainment Scenes — With professional programming, users can launch robust scenes in Total Control to create their ideal movie viewing environment.
  • Quality and Value — Reliable product, customizable experience, and programmer-friendly system operation.
  • Remote, Secure Dealer Access — Within a secure environment, the integration allows dealers remote access (with end user approval) to troubleshoot, monitor, or adjust.

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