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VITAL Mgmt Introduces Bi4Ci+ Programs

Offers +Controller and +Coaching services to CI companies.

Building on its online dashboard service (Bi4Ci), VITAL Mgmt has announced the introduction of its supplemental +Controller and +Coaching services.

“Bi4Ci dashboards provide a wealth of easy-to-read feedback about the financial performance of CI companies,” explains Steve Firszt, VITAL co-founder. “Areas needing attention are highlighted and improvement gaps quantified. Any owner who wants to better understand what their P&L and Balance Sheet are trying to tell them can benefit from the system.”

What the dashboards can’t do, is coach the business owner on best strategies and practices for improving areas of weakness. With Bi4ci+, VITAL introduces supplemental coaching programs designed to do just that.

+Controller provides fractional controller services to Bi4Ci subscribers looking to improve their admin. QB Pro Jennifer Marcus, long a VITAL associate, will meet with companies a couple times each month to “coach up” their admin staff while also helping to get monthly books closed in a timely fashion.

The +Coaching service brings former CI business owner Jeff Homan into the management process. “Jeff will work directly with the owner to diagnose the core issues, and then implement a workable solution.” In most instances, Firszt adds, “These will be proven strategies we’ve seen work many times before.”

The basic Bi4Ci monthly service is $300. The new “+” services are an additional $400/month each, and a company can opt for one or both, and opt out once they feel they can go forward on their own.

A free 30-minute webinar is being conducted at 11:00 AM CDT Friday, April 5. Interested dealers can register at

For more information, visit