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World Wide Stereo and Gramophone Form Strategic Partnership

Both companies will continue to operate independently and retain their current leadership and staff.

World Wide Stereo, a Philadelphia-area destination and neighborhood mainstay for audio, video, and lifestyle technologies for 45 years, has announced a strategic partnership with Gramophone, a Maryland-based leader in custom integration, retail, and high-performance audio/visual solutions. This strategic move unites two industry powerhouses.

World Wide Stereo + Gramophone
Gramophone’s Edward Gordon (left) and Andrew Davis surround World Wide Stereo founder Bob Cole.

 Both founded nearly half a century ago, World Wide Stereo and Gramophone have built a consortium that preserves and elevates their longstanding traditions of excellence. Under this new structure, Gramophone’s Andrew Davis and Edward Gordon will assume oversight from Bob Cole, founder of World Wide Stereo, as he retires, though both companies will continue to operate independently, maintaining their unique identities and operational approaches. This partnership retains current leadership and staff, ensuring a seamless transition for all stakeholders.

Cole emphasizes that the acquisition is a positive step forward, combining the strengths of both organizations that have earned them decades of trust and loyalty from clients and vendors. “It’s a fusion of strengths, where our combined expertise will lead to greater innovation and service,” he says.

The synergy between World Wide Stereo’s infrastructure and Gramophone’s showrooms will enhance service offerings, improve client experience, and expand community reach. This collaboration will continue the legacy of both companies and introduce a new standard in audio/video and consumer electronics, with an expanded focus on brick-and-mortar operations.

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