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WyreStorm, Automation Connection Partner for Hospitality AV Management

WyreStorm has formed a partnership with Automation Connection for the support of DTVGameControl on WyreStorm NetworkHD AV over IP products.

WyreStorm has formed a partnership with Automation Connection for the support of DTVGameControl on WyreStorm NetworkHD AV over IP products, for the integration of floor plan-based AV management and control in hospitality environments.

The DTVGameControl application is a professional turnkey solution designed specifically for hospitality applications and is the premiere iOS app solution for DirecTV, TV, IP matrix systems, video walls, and audio control in sports bars and restaurants.

With NetworkHD and DTVGameControl, even the largest venues can implement large-scale multi-zone HDTV entertainment, with virtually unlimited screens, sources, and video that is easy to manage and control.

DTVGameControl’s floor plan-based platform detects and controls all WyreStorm NetworkHD devices and DirecTV receivers on a network and creates an integrated channel/program guide to enable venue staff the ability to control and manage DirectTV and other AV content on screens and video walls anywhere in the location. 

Custom zones can also be created that group displays together for instant switching of all screens within a specific area. All of this functionality can be accessed at the touch of a button, leaving staff free to focus on customers’ needs rather than wasting time trying to get programming onto specific displays—saving both staff time and effort, while at the same time offering the an enhanced customer experience.

“We are really excited to be working with the team behind DTVGameControl to deliver seamless integration of our market leading NetworkHD system to our WyreStorm ProAV Solutions customers,” said James Meredith, WyreStorm Enado and NetworkHD product manager. “The NetworkHD AV over IP solution has a proven track record of delivering award-winning sports bars throughout the world and now with the new DTVGameControl integration, our installers have another powerful control interface to choose from. The app’s simple and innovative, map-driven user interface is so easy to program that a full bar can be set up in minutes, with fantastic scheduling features ensuring venue staff and customers never miss a second of game time. Combine this with the almost infinitely scalable video matrix, powerful video wall, and new multi-view features of the WyreStorm NetworkHD system and our joint customers will be hitting it out of the park on their next install.”

Our new alliance with WyreStorm is an important one for us,” said Beth Slovinac, sales and marketing manager at Automation Connection. “DTVGameControl is an economical, one-touch control solution that has a significant value-add in the niché markets of sport bars and restaurants. Our integrated team approach, coupled with WyreStorm’s IP video products, I believe will make a successful partnership and expand the international presence of both DTVGameControl and WyreStorm NetworkHD brands.” 

WyreStorm NetworkHD support is available with the latest version of the DTVGameControl app in the App Store.