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Acoustical Solutions Adds AcoustiTherm Ceiling Tiles

Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has introduced its AcoustiTherm Ceiling Tiles.

Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has introduced its AcoustiTherm Ceiling Tiles.

With noise reduction coefficient (NRC) ratings averaging 1.05, the AcoustiTherm Ceiling Tiles absorb virtually all of the sound waves that contact them, the company says, significantly reducing reverberation and overall noise. The R-value, which measures thermal insulation, is 13.6.

The ceiling tiles are made of 3-inch thick fiberglass and are laminated with a thin white or black vinyl facing, making it more durable with an easily cleaned non-porous surface. AcoustiTherm is also moisture and humidity resistant to ensure the ceiling tiles will not sag, shrink or warp.

AcoustiTherm tiles provide easier accessibility and faster installation for ceiling systems. The tiles can be installed into standard drop tile ceiling grid systems and offer added energy savings, making the AcoustiTherm ceiling panels a more complete solution for any construction project.

These new ceiling tiles are ideal for residential spaces such as basements, media rooms, home theaters, and studios, as well as commercial spaces, offices, schools, universities, and industrial and manufacturing operations.