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Sonos Introduces 8-Inch In-Ceiling Speaker

Speaker is designed and tuned in collaboration with Sonance.

Sonos has introduced the 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker by Sonos and Sonance, extending the Sonos Architectural line of passive speakers. The 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker provides installers and customers with a new size option that sits discreetly within the ceiling and delivers powerful, balanced, and clear sound. The 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker will be coming in Spring 2024 for $999/pair.

Sonos 8-Inch In-Ceiling Speaker with Sonos Amp

The 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker, designed and tuned in collaboration with Sonance, features a custom-built, enlarged woofer and high-excursion motor for a smooth midrange, deep bass down to 32 Hz, and a greater listening area. A 30mm tweeter and newly optimized waveguide ensures natural-sounding vocals and better high-frequency dispersion, for wide and even coverage that fills the room with sound.

While the 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker is bigger in size than the 6-inch, the aesthetics of the magnetic grille are unchanged, ensuring both models can be used seamlessly together in the same space. The grille for both 8- and 6-inch sizes are available in white for a discreet match with the widest range of ceilings and, thanks to a specially developed steel grille, can be painted to meet the customization needs of every client.

Pair with Sonos Amp

In combination with Sonos Amp, the Sonos Architectural line provides crisp and clear multiroom audio. When paired with Sonos Amp, the In-Ceiling or In-Wall speakers unlock even more benefits, including overdrive protection and custom tuning enhancements that ensure a fuller sound and a balanced frequency response.

In combination with Sonos Amp the 8-inch speakers also benefit from Trueplay tuning, which accounts for the size, construction, and furnishings of the room where the speakers are placed, and automatically adjusts the EQ for optimal sound.

Like all Sonos Architectural speakers, the 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker paired with Sonos Amp will benefit from the Sonos ecosystem, including an app that works with all of your favorite streaming services, Apple AirPlay 2 control, regular software updates, and the ability to add additional Sonos speakers and components over time.

Sonos 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker by Sonos and Sonance will be coming in Spring 2024 for $999/pair.

Sonos will return to ISE for the 2024 edition, showing up at two different locations. Sonos will be showcasing its professional solutions, including the 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker, at the Sonos booth located in Hall 2, booth 2E510. The architectural portfolio will also be part of live training sessions in room CC7.1B.

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