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Nice/ELAN Announces OS 8.8 Software Upgrade

New features include Autonomic Premium Driver and cross-platform Configurator application.

Nice has announced the release of its Nice Home Management OS 8.8 software upgrade aimed to improve overall user experience for Nice/ELAN Home Management systems. The announcement follows recent launches of the Nice HR40 Multifunction Smart Home Remote and Nice DC12-IP Smart DC Power Manager, and reinforces the company’s transition of ELAN, SpeakerCraft, and Panamax brands into a more powerful whole-home solution by the end of 2023.

Nice - ELAN Control System

OS 8.8’s new features include the all-new Autonomic Premium Driver, cross-platform Configurator application, a new Media Favorites management workflow with one-touch access to content, and upgrades for surveillance, security platforms, and lighting enhancements.

Building on last year’s introduction of the Utilities section and functionality that enables users to manage and monitor their power, air quality, and water usage, including smart water valve control, OS 8.8 extends these capabilities to include smart appliances as well. OS 8.8 offers integration with Home Connect by BSH Home Appliance Corp, which grants access to hundreds of smart appliances across dozens of Global Brands, including Bosch, Siemens, Thermador, and more. Overall, the new software offers a more streamlined all-in-one solution that simplifies integration for security, control, entertainment, and more.

The new Autonomic Premium Driver and refined 8.8 media experience provide customers with faster, more intuitive access to their favorite music. The feature offers a customized experience by supporting multiple accounts per service on the same system, which can then be tied to unique users or selected in the interface. The feature also offers global search across all streaming services to allow for an enhanced music streaming experience.

The all-new cross-platform Configurator application runs on Windows PCs and now, for the first time, runs on MacOS, allowing installers access from anywhere at any time. An intuitive interface features “What You See Is What You Get” editing with live elements like camera feeds, so installers can refine the end-user experience in real-time. Tight integration with Management Cloud 1.5 allows Over-The-Air (OTA) Version Control so controllers can be updated in minutes, safely and securely whether on site or remote. Management Cloud 1.5 also includes native BlueBOLT device support, including the new DC12-IP, allowing control of Nice power management from the same interface.

OS 8.8 and Management Cloud 1.5 make creating scalable, flexible, and decentralized home automation systems easier than ever. The updated software paired with multi-purpose hardware lays a strong foundation for future features while reducing setup and installation time.

Authorized dealers can see the full list of features and access the new Nice Home Management OS 8.8 software via the Management Cloud.

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