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ArtCoustic’s Diablo Tech+1 Subwoofer

Mission Viejo, CA–Artcoustic, the Danish on-wall loudspeaker company, has introduced the Diablo Tech+1 Subwoofer-a small and powered floor-standing subwoofer.

Comparable in size to a large shoe box, the Diablo Tech +1 is in keeping with the companys dcor-first design philosophy. StJohn Group of Mission Viejo, CA, is the exclusive distributor for Artcoustic products in North America and the Caribbean.

StJohn Group sales director, John Caldwell, stated, The low frequency speaker, digital amplifier and electronics package are integrated into a single cabinet so small that it can be slid under or behind a couch or chair, easily blending into any interior. It keeps Artcoustic, a product line known for home decor friendly design, in a leadership position with thin, well-crafted audio products.

The Tech+1 replaces the two-piece Diablo Active Subwoofer. It is available in white, silver or black finish, and custom colors are available. Manufacturers suggested retail pricing is $1,800.

The Diablo Tech+1 subwoofer is suited for two-channel/near field studio monitoring, home audio or cinema for small to medium sized rooms, and commercial applications such as restaurants, bars, boardrooms, etc. Multiple units may be daisy-chained for large room applications.

10-inch low frequency driver unit
200-watt into 4 ohm amplifier module
thermal shutdown
overload protection
short circuit protection
anti-clipping circuit
subwoofer level control
subsonic filter 28 Hz – 3dB
40 Hz to 120 Hz continuously adjustable low pass 12dB
electronic crossover
phase-inverter switch
auto power on/off switch activated by input signal