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ADCOM Returns to the Market

Audiophile brand comes back with amplifiers and a preamp.

Audiophile electronics brand, ADCOM, has been relaunched in the United States by Boris Meltsner of J&B Distribution. The opening slate of equipment are updated and modernized versions of components ranging from the Nelson Pass-designed amplifiers in the ADCOM GFA-555MS ($1399). The 200-watt-per-channel, time-tested 555MS power amp is now updated with new parts designed for even better performance and confident longevity. For those looking for a balanced power amplifier with even more power, the ADCOM GFA-565 is back with even more horsepower and capable of driving even the most demanding speakers in the audiophile market today. On the preamp front, ADCOM has the GFP-915 ($999), which is an elegant, Bluetooth-enabled, traditional stereo preamp available at a competitive price.

ADCOM Amplifier

“ADCOM is back with a few updated legacy products that we will be selling directly to consumers starting in 2024,” says Meltsner. “Audiophiles should expect to see more products coming later in the year including new-school, Class-D switching amps that will have the performance that we expect from the best tube and Class-A amps, but without any of the hassles. Our new amps will use less power, create less heat, and will provide huge volumes of power in our next generation of product. Our legacy products are better than ever and represent a great mid-fi value to anyone looking to make great sound in their AV system without breaking the bank.”

ADCOM products can be purchased directly from Adcom online at

Dealer opportunities are available — call Boris Meltsner at 877-742-6250 to learn more.

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