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Buchardt Audio’s Anniversary 10 Active Wireless Speakers Earn WiSA HT Certification

The new Anniversary 10 represents the brand’s third WiSA Certified speaker line.

WiSA Association member Buchardt Audio’s Anniversary 10 (A10) Active Wireless Speakers have earned WiSA Home Theater (HT) Interoperability Certification. The new speaker offering celebrates the tenth anniversary of Buchardt Audio and represents the brand’s third WiSA Certified speaker line.

Buchardt Audio’s Anniversary 10 (A10) Active Wireless Speakers WiSA Certified

The A10 speakers utilize WiSA HT technology, allowing them to receive uncompressed, 24-bit 48/96 kHz sound over a multichannel wireless network created by a WiSA Certified transmitter and speakers. To earn the mark of WiSA HT Interoperability Certification, products undergo rigorous testing ensuring they produce the high-definition, world-class, multichannel audio that WiSA products are known for.

The A10 Active Wireless Speakers utilize the Buchardt RFA19 Tweeter, a new solution that uses small, aluminum domes to increase the resonance peak up to 30.000 Hz without impacting sound quality or clarity. Additionally, the A10 speakers are formulated with the high-quality Danish Purifi woofer, which employs ultra-low distortion and a compact small-cone, long-stroke driver to deliver clear, complex sound without the typical drawbacks of similar models.

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