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Denon’s Home Amp Brings Legacy 2-Channel Systems into HEOS

Add any pair of loudspeakers to a HEOS wireless multi-room ecosystem.

Denon has introduced the Denon Home Amp. Designed to bring legacy 2-channel systems into the modern HEOS ecosystem, the Denon Home Amp fits into any household setup.

Denon Home Amp next to a turntable

Features include:

Bring a legacy 2-channel system into the HEOS ecosystem: The Denon Home Amp adds any pair of loudspeakers to the HEOS wireless multi-room ecosystem, while also bringing high fidelity audio with 100 watts of power per channel tuned by the Denon Sound Master.

Upgrade TV Sound: The Home Amp brings increased power and separation of a 2-channel system to TV. HDMI eARC allows for one-cable integration with most modern TVs, even those with integrated streaming. Additionally, the subwoofer out makes it easy to add a subwoofer for extra bass. And because of its compact form factor, the Denon Home Amp can be placed virtually anywhere.

Deploy a wireless multi-room distributed audio system: HEOS supports up to 64 zones of Hi-Res audio streaming, suitable for virtually any size distributed audio project. Its small size maximizes precious rack space, with two Denon Home Amps able to fit side by side on a standard rack. The Denon Home Amp also networks with other HEOS-enabled devices, including Denon and Marantz AV receivers, and enjoys Denon’s integrator support, which includes training resources and a dedicated technical support hotline.

Denon Home Amp plugged in

The Denon Home Amp will be available for purchase at authorized Denon retailers and online at