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FLEXOUND Pulse Promises to Put Listeners IN the Sound

Loudspeaker-less augmented audio technology designed to eliminate distractions for viewers with a personalized sweet spot seat.

FLEXOUND Pulse is a seat that creates an immersive, full-range surround sound cinema experience with its integrated, patented augmented audio technology. According to the company, it lets you enjoy the movies without distractions and allows you to be part of the story. You see, feel and hear every little note, action and sound without the need for any external loudspeakers.

FLEXSOUND Pulse Diagram

Also according to the company, which is in Finland, at home, you can use it as your office meeting audio instead of loudspeakers, as a gaming station, for sound massage or meditation or to enjoy a premium cinema experience from the comfort of your living room.

Features of FLEXOUND Pulse™ concept seat:

  • Distraction free and safe personal sound zone
  • Deep focus and immersion into the story
  • High quality sound and integrated natural sound vibration
  • First fully loudspeaker-free cinema concept
  • Premium cinema experience in any premises
  • Minimal sound leakage outside the theater
  • Supports all existing sound content

During market research organized in May, FLEXOUND Pulse left a lasting impression on all previewers, with 91 percent saying that they would recommend the experience to others, 77 percent reporting that they had enjoyed the new sound experience a lot, and 89 percent saying that they want FLEXOUND Pulse in their local cinemas.

FLEXSOUND Pulse - Users

FLEXOUND Pulse cinema sound system and seat concept is ready for pre-orders from cinemas, and for licensing to furniture and seating manufacturers.

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