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Focal and Naim Release new Speaker and All-In-One System

The new Aria K2 926 loudspeaker is designed to be paired with the Uniti Star all-in-one player.

Focal and Naim have introduced the new Aria K2 926 loudspeaker and the Uniti Star all-in-one player, Ash Grey finish. United under the VerVent Audio Group for 10 years now, the two brands embody the very best of French audio and English electronics.

Focal and Naim Lifestyle

Made in France, the new Aria K2 926 loudspeaker is equipped with Focal’s K2 Power cone. This aramid fiber cone provides dynamic sound and high-power handling, as well as giving the loudspeaker lots of character.

Focal Aria 926 Loudspeaker

Made in England, the Uniti Star all-in-one player makes the most of the loudspeakers’ performance qualities and lets you manage your music simply and smartly across its multiple sources — streaming platforms, CD player, TV, turntable, etc. Stream your music in high-resolution, listen to your CDs and favorite radio stations, access numerous streaming services, improve the sound quality of your television, and all with deep, immersive sound.

Naim Uniti Star all-in-one player

This system is available in an Ash Grey finish, a finish taken from the Utopia line, the jewel in Focal’s crown. This is the first time that Aria K2 926 is presented, and with a harmonious Naim all-in-one player.

This special offer includes a pair of high-end NAC A5 cables (157.5-inch/4m) as well as three months’ free access to platforms Tidal and Qobuz (new user only).

The Aria K2 926 and Uniti Star Ash Grey finish bundle will be $10,999 and available late Summer 2022.

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