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Lithe Audio Launches the iO1 Wireless Speaker

Can be used indoors and outdoors in six different mounting configurations.

Lithe Audio has launched its new iO1 all-in-one wireless speaker that can be used indoors and outdoors in six different mounting configurations. With a powerful amplifier and connectivity all built in, this active surface-mount speaker is easy to install and just requires power from a standard or outdoor electrical outlet or existing lighting circuit to deliver premium audio quality.

Lithe Audio iO1 Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Speaker - Lifestyle

This versatile weather-resistant IPX6-rated unit offers the option of wireless or data cable connection, with an optical input and two Ethernet ports. It features dual full-range woofers, titanium tweeters, and 100W RMS Power (2 x 50W) Class D Amplifiers, delivering full high-resolution audio at 192 kHz, 24 bits.

Embedded with Airplay 2, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect, it’s also compatible with any other Airplay 2 or Chromecast speaker for multi-room or multi-area setups. The iO1 also features the latest Bluetooth technology and offers voice control with Google Home and Alexa.

Designed for areas that require high-end audio quality but can’t accommodate a traditional ceiling speaker, the iO1 can easily be installed in six different orientations — on-wall, in-corner, on-corner, ground spike, countertop, and pendant.

Lithe Audio iO1 Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Speaker - Black

The built-in high-efficiency amplifier and high-quality components are covered by an aluminum grille in a choice of white or black finish.

The iO1 is available now at £550 (ex VAT) for the active speaker and £250 (ex VAT) for the passive speaker.

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