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New Firmware for Chord Electronics’ Poly Streamer

New firmware brings automatic convenience switching between Roon and other players.

Chord Electronics has released new firmware for the Poly, the music streamer and player for the Mojo/Mojo 2 DAC and headphone amplifier. The new V3.2.0 firmware features a host of background improvements, fixes, and updates for the Poly, a device that brings wireless high-resolution music streaming, plus up to 1 TB of microSD card library playback, to the multi-award-winning Mojo DACs.

Chord Electronics Mojo2 Poly streamer

Key to the new firmware is automatic convenience switching between Roon and other playback methods, such as AirPlay or DLNA/UPnP, negating the need to manually switch within Chord Electronics’ partnering configuration app, Gofigure. Although a seemingly simple upgrade, the addition of convenience switching was a sizable task for Chord Electronics’ software engineers and aligns the Poly with the 2go streamer/player for the Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amp, where the feature debuted.

The new firmware also introduces wide-ranging updates, including improvements to Bluetooth and AirPlay, to DLNA server and Roon functionality, plus default radio list additions. There have also been subtle tweaks to the Poly’s LED display function.

The new firmware rolled-out with a free over-the-air update at 14.00 UTC (15.00 UK/BST) on August 16, 2023, enabling any Poly device running the previous firmware (3.0.0), to be updated to the latest version.

 Poly users are also advised to ensure they are using the latest version of Gofigure (v1.2.133 for Android) and (v2.12 for iOS) before installing any firmware updates.

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