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Pangea Audio Distributing Ships Heavy-Duty Speaker Stands

Designed for heavyweight monitors and bookshelf speakers, the stand’s solid-steel, non-round columns reinforce stability and reduce vibration.

Pangea Audio Distributing is now shipping the DS200 speaker stand, designed to support heavyweight monitors and bookshelf speakers weighing up to 100 lbs.

Pangea Audio Distribution Heavy-Duty Speaker Stand

Available in sizes of 20, 24, 28, 32, and 36 inches, the industrial design of the DS200 (MSRP: $199.95/pair) is inspired by the construction industry, with two upright support piers placed at 90-degree angles to each other, increasing the stability of the top platform in both directions for maximum support.

Featuring integral cable management, adjustable carpet-piercing spikes, rubberized speaker support pads, and sand-fillable support piers, the DS200 embodies Pangea Audio Distributing’s approach to designing audio unshakably rugged audio furniture that lasts for decades.

“Speaker stands are more than simple audio furniture,” says Steve Niemi, director of global sales, Pangea Audio Distributing. “A well-designed stand like the DS200 provides absolute stability while minimizing vibrations.”.

In order to ensure the DS200 does not affect in-room sonics, Pangea Audio Distributing designed them to be made from steel rather than wood. Steel quickly releases vibration, improving imaging, tightening bass performance, and reducing midrange coloration.

Support piers can be filled with sand or steel shot to further enhance damping, and cable management holes keep speaker wires neat and organized.

The new DS200 is positioned between the entry-level LS300 and top-end DS400 in Pangea Audio’s selection of speaker stands.

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