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Powersoft to Demonstrate Mezzo Amplifier Platform at CEDIA Expo

Flexibile, self-configuring amplifier line designed for residential integration market.

Powersoft (Booth #335) will demonstrate its newest amplifier platform at CEDIA Expo. Mezzo is a flexible system that is designed for integrators working in the home and residential integration markets.

Built in a half-rack enclosure and sporting plenty of connectivity options, the new line consists of eight amplifier models in all, each offering different power and connectivity options. Mezzo is self-configuring and simple to operate. Further, the system can be operated and monitored remotely.

The eight available models in the new Mezzo line consist of four power sizes, each offering an option with “A” (analog) or “AD” (analog-digital), which adds Dante/AES67. The power sizes include smaller option of 320 W in 4 x 80 W and 2 x 160 W variants, and a larger option of 600 W in 4 x 150 or 2 x 300 W. All of the eight models are networkable and feature automatic setup for audio parameters. Further, all of the units offer load monitoring, so users can monitor system parameters such as temperature, power usage, and performance over time. These parameters can be monitored and controlled via Powersoft’s own ArmoníaPlus System Manager, or through an external control system or a plug-in in a DSP matrix platform.

The AD models include Dante and AES67 integration, and also add an internal Gigabit Ethernet switch and a second port, meaning that multiple products can share the same network cable. This feature can be convenient in a retrofit, or if the user needs to share a network connection between a projector and an amplifier for instance.

The smaller 320 W power sized models are able to deliver 80/160 W per channel into 2, 4, 8, or 16 ohms, as well as 100, 70 or 25V. Meantime, the larger 600 W power sized models can deliver 4 x 150 W or 2 x 300 W, and can drive two 16-ohm as well as 25, 70, or 100.

Each unit comes with rack mount accessories to fit two units into a standard 19-inch rack, or one unit in an 11-inch compact rack. Alternatively, the unit can stand alone on rubber feet in a credenza or be mounted on the wall — behind a video screen, for instance. The unit is ultra-quiet and requires no ventilation and can therefore be used in dusty environments, under a desk, or in locations where an audio closet may not available. Mezzo also delivers enough power to drive many subwoofers. This potentially means a significant space savings in locations that will no longer require 19-inch racks.

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