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Sonance Unveils 21-Model Visual Experience Series Architectural Speakers

Offers a variety of tweeter and driver materials, as well as trim options, to suit a wide range of projects.

Sonance has introduced the Visual Experience Series with 21 models, including the Sonance VX and James VXQ models. Much like its Visual Performance series, which will be phased out by new VX, the new Sonance Visual Experience models range in performance to suit any desired performance and budget.

Sonance Visual Experience Series

Factoring into the performance options is the tweeter and driver material for each model in the series. Sonance has developed VX with flexible options for installation and trim style. The models will ship with a new Micro Trim grille as the standard option out of the box, with the option to order a Trimless grille, or even still, flush mount the speaker using Sonance TRUFIG Mounting Technology.

At the heart of VX is the Sonance Waveguide Tweeter Design, a specially tuned technology engineered to deliver pristine audio quality with smooth, consistent dispersion and coverage. This driver design ensures crystal-clear sound reproduction, immersing users in a world of distributed audio like never before.

Sonance VX Series Mount

At the top tier of the line’s performance is the new James Visual Experience with Quadratech, VXQ. These models feature the all-new James Quadratech tweeter and Cymatic Diffuser.

“This level of audio engineering and our approach for developing the new VXQ models is unlike anything we have really done before,” says Skylar Gray, Sonance product designer. “We leveraged iterative machine learning and simulation to optimize the cymatic diffuser for each driver size so that each is delivering smooth dispersion and coverage with consistent tonality for that particular model.”

The Visual Experience line also features the Sonance CDX Crossover as seen in Sonance Invisible Series. The crossover, Waveguide tweeter design, attention to installation details, and flexible trim options makes the new Sonance Visual Experience and Visual Experience with Quadratech the full package for dealers and end users to outfit any project.

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