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sonoro Offers Dirac Live Room Correction for New MAESTRO Quantum Receiver

The MAESTRO is the first sonoro product to feature the Dirac Live Room Correction solution.

Dirac has announced that the new sonoro MAESTRO Quantum receiver will run Dirac Live Room Correction — offering customers premium, high-quality sound across all types of audio genres and formats.

Sonoro Maestro AV Receiver with Dirac Live - Lifestyle

The Dirac Live-enabled MAESTRO Quantum features an iconic design, extensive features, and broad connectivity options — all in an effort to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly receiver for every customer no matter their listening preferences.

“With the MAESTRO Quantum, we set out to create a versatile, smart Hi-Fi solution that delivers the best possible sound quality for everything from CDs and records to the latest streaming services, movies and TV shows,” says Marcell Faller, sonoro founder and CEO. “At the same time, we knew that the rooms our receiver will be placed in could have a significant impact on audio clarity. By making the MAESTRO Quantum Dirac-equipped, we’re able to offer a comprehensive and configurable feature set along with the pristine audio quality we’re known for   allowing the end-user or installer to make full use of the receiver in a way that suits their individual needs.”

In addition to Dirac Live, the MAESTRO Quantum supports streaming services such as Spotify Connect, Deezer, Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast, and Bluetooth. Other features include access to over 25,000 internet radio stations; treble, bass and loudness controls via the sonoro audio app; and flexible connectivity options that ensure a CD player or turntable can sit front and center alongside the device.

Sonoro Maestro AV Receiver with Dirac Live - Front

At launch, the MAESTRO Quantum will support Dirac Live Room Correction Limited Bandwidth, with an option to upgrade to Full Bandwidth via Dirac’s webstore. The Limited Bandwidth version can perform room correction up to 500 Hz, and the target curve can be tailored within this range. Dirac Live Full Bandwidth is the top tier of the room correction feature, allowing the system to be corrected across the entire frequency range while giving users full control of the target curve.

To activate Dirac Live Room Correction on a new MAESTRO Quantum receiver, click here.

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