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Sound United Brings Roon Tested Compatibility to 68 Denon and Marantz Products

Certification enables users to stream music from Roon server or Roon Core devices.

Sound United LLC has announced several Denon and Marantz products received Roon Tested accreditation. This certification enables music lovers to seamlessly stream music from Roon server or Roon Core devices to 68 Denon and Marantz products for a visually rich, and easy-to-use listening experience.

Leveraging credits, artist relationships, genres, lyrics, concert/tour dates, artwork, and more, Roon adds a new dimension of music exploration to user libraries. By merging Roon Tested devices from Denon and Marantz with local digital music files and high-resolution streaming services like TIDAL and Qobuz, listeners receive a cross-platform networked music ecosystem with server apps for Roon Nucleus, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Control is managed via apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, with networked audio output capability to any Roon Ready, Roon Tested, AirPlay™, Chromecast, Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android device on the network.

Another benefit to the Roon interface is its unique approach to TIDAL and Qobuz streaming integration. Now Denon and Marantz users can enjoy their personal content libraries seamlessly merged with their high-resolution streaming favorites so searches and playlists will include content from both sources.

Denon and Marantz are offering a free 60-day Roon trial coupon for a limited time. Interested users can learn more at, or

Device Name Brand Product Type
AVR-X3600H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X2600H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X1600H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-S950H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-S750H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-S650H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X6400H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X4400H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X3400H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X2400H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X1400H Denon AV Receiver
Device Name Brand Product Type
AVR-S930H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-S730H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X8500H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X6500H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X4500H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X3500H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X2500H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-X1500H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-S940H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-S740H Denon AV Receiver
AVR-S640H Denon AV Receiver
PMA-2500NE Denon Integrated Amplifier
PMA-1600NE Denon Integrated Amplifier
PMA-150H Denon Integrated Network Amplifier
DNP-800NE Denon Network Audio Player
AVR-X6300H Denon Network AV Receiver
AVR-X4300H Denon Network AV Receiver
CEOL N-10 Denon Network CD Receiver
DHT-S716H Denon Soundbar
DRA-800H Denon Stereo Receiver
DENON HOME 150 Denon WiFi Speakers
DENON HOME 250 Denon WiFi Speakers
DENON HOME 350 Denon WiFi Speakers
SR6014 Marantz Amplifier
SR5014 Marantz Amplifier
SR7013 Marantz AV Receiver
SR6013 Marantz AV Receiver
SR5013 Marantz AV Receiver
NR1609 Marantz AV Receiver
NR1509 Marantz AV Receiver
NR1710 Marantz AV Receiver
NR1510 Marantz AV Receiver
ND8006 Marantz CD Player
PM7000N Marantz Integrated Stereo Amplifier
NA6006 Marantz Network Audio Player
SR7011 Marantz Network AV Receiver
NR1608 Marantz Network AV Receiver
NR1508 Marantz Network AV Receiver
ND8006 Marantz Network CD Player
M-CR612 Marantz Network CD Receiver
AV7703 Marantz Pre-amplifier
AV7704 Marantz Pre-amplifier
AV8805 Marantz Pre-amplifier
AV7705 Marantz Pre-amplifier
SR8012 Marantz AV Receiver
SR7012 Marantz AV Receiver
SR6012 Marantz AV Receiver
SR5012 Marantz AV Receiver
Device Name Brand Product Type
SA-10 Marantz SACD/CD Player
SA-12 Marantz SACD/CD Player
SA-KI RUBY Marantz SACD/CD Player / DAC
NR1200 Marantz Stereo Receiver

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