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Starke Sound Launches P-Series Home Theater Speakers

All four models are designed for high-performance private cinemas and feature newly developed AMTHorn tweeters.

Starke Sound has introduced the P Series of passive loudspeakers, which are designed to pair with its A and AD multichannel amplifiers. Four new P models will be launched in September and October; advanced coaxial models and passive subwoofers will follow in coming months.

According to Starke, the P Series models combine the high sensitivity and power handling of professional equipment with the smooth realism of home audio. The horn-loaded Air Motion Transformer (AMTHorn) tweeters enable P Series loudspeakers to produce the high sound-pressure levels required for realistic cinema at home.

Starke Sound P Series

This treble technology resulted from a two-year development and manufacturing effort that continued through the pandemic. The tweeters are integrated with custom dynamic drivers in industrial enclosures for placement behind screens or built into walls and ceilings. Frequency response extends from 40 Hz to beyond 40 kHz. The P Series is designed for cinemas of 500 to 5000 square feet.

The first P Series models are:

P7 Main Loudspeaker (available October; MSRP $9500 each)

The P7 is a large, three-way horn system comprising an AMTHorn tweeter, a single 6.5-inch midrange driver, and a high-power 12-inch woofer with coated cone. The AMTHorn handles up to 80 watts RMS with response beyond 40 kHz. Its wide dispersion pattern can be tailored to any room using the built-in, vibration-damping swivel system, which can be rotated 120 degrees from left to right. The P7 is designed for medium to large private theaters, and its 12-inch subwoofer will deliver huge power-output capability while ensuring distortion-free sound.

P5 Main Loudspeaker (available now; MSRP $6500 each)

The P5 is an ideal main (LCR) speaker comprising an AMTHorn tweeter and a high-power, high-quality, 12-inch woofer with coated cone. The AMTHorn handles up to 80 watts RMS with response beyond 40 kHz. Its wide dispersion pattern can be tailored to any room using its built-in, vibration-damping swivel system. The P5 can accurately convey all the large-scale dynamics and details to every seat within 50 feet.

P3/P3i All-Around Loudspeaker (available October; MSRP $2500 each)

The P3 can be used optimally as a main or surround speaker in the broadest range of private theaters with projection distances of up to 32 feet. It’s a two-way design suitable for both multichannel cinema and high-fidelity stereo playback, and its AMTHorn tweeter provides up to 50 watts RMS power handling and frequency response to 40 kHz. The tweeter is integrated with a high-efficiency, coated-cone, 8-inch midrange-bass driver of 500 watts RMS power handling. The P3i version is surface mountable for in-wall or in-ceiling applications.


The P Series models employ locking, industrial-grade speaker connections for high sound quality, reliability, and ease of installation. A speakON connection is provided. As an additional alternative, Starke Sound developed the S-Link speaker connection, which has superior, conductors of gold-plated copper to transport all the rich details of the ultimate sound quality. An S-Link connection and terminator are included with each P Series model.

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