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StormAudio to Introduce New Products at ISE 2023

On display at StormAudio’s shared booth with AV EMEA will be two new products: the ISP Evo and the ISR Fusion.

StormAudio has announced its plans for ISE 2023. “We’re thrilled to be back at ISE 2023 with many new announcements,” says Olivier Thumerel, StormAudio’s CEO. “As the exclusive launch partner of Dirac’s new Active Room Treatment, we’ll demonstrate how revolutionary this technology is, enabling better bass management with fewer subwoofers. Visitors will also be able to hear our new ISP Evo used in the Alcons Audio demo and see a prototype of our new ISR Fusion on our booth.”

StormAudio ISE Evo 

ISP Evo and ISR Fusion

On display at StormAudio’s shared booth with AV EMEA will be two new products: the ISP Evo and the ISR Fusion.

The ISP Evo is a fully digital sound processor. Based on StormAudio’s proprietary modular platform, the ISP Evo has maintained the reputation for modularity and flexibility with multiple hardware and software options available for any type of digital installation. Whether you need AES/EBU interfaces with 20 or 32 channels of digital outputs, 16 channels of digital DCI-compatible inputs, or audio over IP AES67/Dante networked interface for up to 32-channel inputs and outputs, the ISP Evo will satisfy your need. The ISP Evo will be available in the first quarter 2023.

The ISR Fusion 20 integrated receiver will be available in the second quarter 2023 and integrates the processor platform for up to 20 channels of decoding and post-processing, including the latest Dirac Live technologies, and adds 16 channels of high-quality amplification delivering 150W per channel (8 ohm). Bridgeable, it can provide up to 3 x 500W (8 ohm) to demanding speakers.

Active Demos

  • Alcons Audio 7K600 — The new ISP Evo processor will be featured in this 11.7.8 setup of Alcons Audio speakers and subwoofers. This demo will also include a Sony VPL- XW7000ES projector and a MadVR Envy video processor.
  • Devialet 2L645 — The French acoustical engineering company will present a 7.0.4 version of its Phantom Theater driven by an ISP Elite AoIP. Experience the results of the new Dirac Live Active Room Treatment beta implementation in a challenging open room.
  • L-Acoustics 2H300 — Paired with L-Acoustics reference speakers and electronics, a StormAudio processor will be used as the hub to simultaneously drive a 5.1.2 system and 2 stereo setups on L-Acoustics Creations booth.
  • Off-site — Located at a local Perlisten dealer, this demo will replicate the system of CES 2023 with a 5.3 setup of Perlisten speakers driven by an ISP Elite to showcase the first implementation of Dirac’s Active Room Treatment add-on. This after-show-hours demo (5:00–9:00 PM) requires an invitation — contact StormAudio for more details.

Dirac Active Room Treatment

StormAudio is the exclusive launch partner of Dirac’s new add-on. Dirac Live Active Room Treatment was designed to address bass resonance and room decay time and to produce a cleaner, tighter bass experience than ever before. Working much like the popular Active Noise Cancellation technology, it uses the system’s own speakers to actively cancel out unwanted wavelengths originating from other speakers.

All StormAudio units will be compatible with this new feature through a firmware upgrade planned for Spring 2023. Units bought after January 1, 2023 have Dirac ART included out of the box, and units bought beforehand will require a $299 license to be purchased from Dirac’s website.

Firmware Upgrade

Soon after the ISE show, StormAudio will release a complimentary new firmware upgrade. StormEasy Wizard will be introduced, offering a step-by-step configuration for all users. It will be possible to reconfigure the use of a 32-channel processor with a simple Preset selection and create various listening experiences and speaker usages. Additionally, a new low-latency mode has been added allowing for the integration of gaming, karaoke, or a live music experience. This free update is compatible with all StormAudio units (ISP Elite MK1, MK2, MK3, ISP Core, I.ISP, ISP Master).

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