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Tech Showcase: Outdoor AV 2020

Turning the yard into the ultimate Summer family destination.

As the warmer months approach, and the world settles in for some social distancing, the backyard will become an oasis for families to spend time together outdoors. This is a trend that has been on the rise for a few years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some of the latest entries to the outdoor AV market that can enhance your installs.


A2V All-Weather Outdoor Loudspeakers
Available in two sizes, the A2V All-Weather Outdoor Loudspeakers offer premium sound for music throughout the backyard, patio, pool deck, and other outdoor spaces. The weather resistant, sealed cabinets come with a C-bracket mount for easy installation and can pivot to aim the sound to the desired listening area. The A2V525OD model features a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and 5.25-inch polypropylene woofer. The A2V650D features a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and 6.5-inch polypropylene woofer. Both models are available in black and white finish options.

Atlantic Technology All-Weather Outdoor Product Line
Atlantic Technology expanded its All-Weather outdoor product line from a single model to 9 new models. Each are composed of three series: a Constant Current series, a Constant Voltage series, and a SKAA wireless series. All are sold in pairs and available in either black or white, outfitted with rugged, sealed non-resonant cabinets with matching perforated grilles. These 4-ohm nominal impedance speakers use both new high-performance fiberglass woofers and 1-inch titanium tweeters and have a high efficiency of 90 dB. The three constant-voltage models include an adjustable transformer.

The three SKAA wireless models allow the outdoor speakers to wirelessly network with other SKAA products and transmitters in the home, giving the users flexibility to sync music to other in-house SKAA speakers from Atlantic, and let the homeowner control outdoor speakers independently or control all home SKAA speakers from a mobile device while outdoors.

Dynaudio OW6 and OW8 Speakers
Dynaudio’s first-ever dedicated outdoor models, the OW6 and OW8 are IP65-rated for protection against water and dust, and feature a special UV-resistant finish (available in black or white). They can be used in 8-ohm mode with a conventional power amplifier, or be linked in with a 70V/100V system thanks to the built-in transformer. An articulating mounting bracket is included.

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Monitor Audio Vecta Series and CLG-W10 Climate Garden Subwoofer
The Monitor Audio Vecta Series features two compact models with weather-resistant properties. The Vecta V240 and V240-LV both have dual 4-inch C-CAM metal cone drivers mounted to a curved baffle, which minimizes ceiling or wall reflections when mounted under eaves or in a corner. The V240-LV adds further versatility in commercial applications with a 70/100V line level, allowing multiple speakers to be installed in a system without worrying about impedance matching or losses where long cable runs are required. Using a single-point automatic connection system, Vecta can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Installers fix the bracket to the wall, and then drop the speaker in place and secure it with a single screw. Not only does this installation method save integrators’ time, but, according to the company, it also simplifies the complexity of installing speakers at height or at difficult angles.

The CLG-W10 subwoofer is part of Monitor Audio’s Climate Garden System and is designed to augment the low frequencies when teamed with any of the outdoor speakers in the series. The CLG-W10 can be partially buried in a garden border or positioned on a deck or patio area. The CLG-W10 is tough and durable in extreme outdoor conditions and is rated to IP54. It features an Inverted Cone Driver that utilizes a rigid dome diaphragm (formed from Monitor Audio’s C-CAM material) to deliver powerful, punchy bass. The inverted dome ensures any water that enters the mesh vents will drain away and, thanks to its ceramic coating, the C-CAM is impervious to moisture and tough environmental conditions. A dual spider inspired by Monitor Audio’s flagship loudspeaker series ensures the driver stays in perfect alignment when under extreme loads.

Nuvo Series Two Landscape Speaker Kit
The Nuvo Series Two Landscape Speaker Kit comes with four, two-way satellite speakers and an 8-inch, in-ground subwoofer. The low-profile, black teardrop satellite speakers have 3.5-inch poly woofers and .5-inch UFLC tweeters. The 8-subwoofer’s cylindrical enclosure blends subtly into landscaping while providing stand-out bass response. The complete 5-piece system is IP-67 and MIL-STD-810 compliant. The 8-ohm system pairs perfectly with Nuvo Player amplifiers or can be used with any 8-ohm amplifier. It is simple to expand for larger areas with additional satellite speakers (NV-2LS3-SAT2), and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Elite Screens Yard Master Electric Tension Series
The Elite Screens Yard Master Electric Tension Series is an electric screen with 2-way projection material that is IP33 rated for wind/rain penetration for outdoor applications. The tab-tension design supports a front/rear projection surface with perfect uniform flatness. This allows you to use either a standard, short throw, or UST projectors. The WraithVeil Dual material provides image clarity from in-front or behind. The screen comes with a Radio

Frequency remote control that doubles as a wireless 12-volt projector trigger that coordinates the screen’s drop and rise with the projector’s power cycle.

Furrion Aurora 4K LED Outdoor Television
Distributed by Stampede, Furrion’s Aurora 4K LED outdoor television line consists of Full Shade and Partial Sun models that feature 350-nit and 700-nit anti-glare LCD screen , respectively, and an ambient light sensor with auto-brightness control. Aurora is designed to withstand all conditions. These sets are weatherproof with an IP54 rating and built with an aluminum metal casing that protects the TV from rain, dust, snow, salt, air, humidity, and even insects. Also included in the Aurora line-up are universal outdoor fixed tilt and full-motion TV mounts, 2.0 outdoor soundbar, and 2.1 outdoor soundbar with built-in subwoofer models that are designed to withstand extreme environments.

PEC The Display Shield
Protective Enclosures Company’s (PEC) The TV Shield and The Display Shield are patented, universal, weatherproof, and secure TV enclosures designed for use with just about any standard LCD or LED flat screen television or digital display. These weatherproof TV enclosures and outdoor digital signage cabinets are manufactured in the USA using HMWPE (High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) for the housing, which is a high-quality 20-year durability outdoor rated polymer. These units also feature a guaranteed not to crack, thick, shatterproof front shield built with ultra-clear grade or anti-glare polycarbonate (the same material used in bullet proof glass as well as race car and aerospace windshield applications).

Peerless-AV UltraView

Peerless-AV 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV
Peerless-AV has introduced the newest addition to its expanded line of all-season outdoor TVs for entertainment and living, the 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV (UV862). Providing 4K resolution and a brightness that is three times that of the average of indoor TV, the new and improved 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV delivers dependability year-round, operating at a temperature range of –22 degrees F to 122 degrees F. Aluminium construction materials provide the protection against various climates, corrosion, and discoloration. Among the other models in the lineup, the 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV is equipped with a High TNI panel, which allows for direct sunlight readability without the risk of isotropic blackout, and internal speakers for providing excellent sound quality.

The 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV includes a dedicated Outdoor Flat Wall Mount to provide a secure installation. Other features and new improvements include an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness to best match the lighting conditions, and an IR extender input and IR repeater output for providing flexibility for integration with control systems.

Séura Outdoor TVs
Séura Shade Series Outdoor TV provides an option for shaded areas. Equipped with High Dynamic Range, Séura Outdoor TVs provide high contrast between bright and dark colors in 4K UHD picture quality. The Séura Shade Series Outdoor TVs are up to 60 percent brighter than indoor TVs and 12 percent  brighter than the competition’s full-shade outdoor display, according to the company. The included 50-watt RMS 2-channel soundbar projects sound toward the viewer. Séura offers a two-year warranty on its Shade Series.

Stealth Acoustics Stealth Patio Theater (SPT)
Stealth Acoustics has made two significant additions to its Stealth Patio Theater (SPT) LED-based range of outdoor entertainment solutions. Expanding from the original, retractable SPT display, now named Extreme, Stealth has added the Transformer 120-inch fold-away LED TV system and the Megalith modular outdoor TV screen, which is available in custom sizes up to 275 inches.

The SPT Transformer is a hidden outdoor theater system designed to fold away into its weatherized, fiberglass enclosure and fit discretely on a yacht or home deck. With all electronics housed within the unit, including built-in LCR speakers and subwoofers, the Transformer is a 120-inch LED screen that can be deployed as a fixed or a mobile solution. It remains completely hidden from view and protected from the elements when not in use. The screen unfolds silently on demand from its custom designed enclosure thanks to a smooth, automated lifting mechanism, while its fiberglass finish ensures maximum flexibility when meeting customer design goals.

Another outdoor viewing option is the new SPT Megalith. This fixed display option features a completely weatherproof, ultra-bright 120-inch LED screen. Its modular design ensures that it can be configured in different shapes and sizes to suit outdoor installation requirements. The Megalith also has the flexibility to be paired with custom audio from Stealth’s range for a complete outdoor theater solution or it can simply be used for artwork display.