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Chowmain Debuts Hikvision door station driver for Control4

Allows doorstations to call Control4 touchscreens and mobile applications with video and audio communications.

Chowmain Software & Apps has released the Hikvision door station driver for Control4. Chowmain and Hikvision have worked closely on making the doorstation integration seamless in Control4. This includes creation of a custom firmware tailored to Control4 that allows doorstations to call Control4 touchscreens and mobile applications with video and audio communications.

Chowmain - Control4 – Doorstation Driver

“This integration lowers the price of door station integration for Control4 homeowners, making it affordable for all installation sizes,” says Chowmain Software & Apps managing director, Alan Chow.

Integration is not only limited to communications, and the driver provides control over electronic locks connected to the door station along with smart event feedback.

Smart event feedback is the most powerful feature of the integration. Examples of smart event programming include playback of doorbell sounds across all speakers in the home when the call button is pushed and automated porch/pathway lighting when motion is detected, along with push notifications with image snapshot on these events.

Chowmain - Control4 - Hikvision-Doorstation-Driver

This integration is now included as part of Chowmain’s Hikvision driver suite which integrates Hikvision’s DVR’s, NVR’s, and IP cameras, providing not only live view on IP cameras but also smart events on motion, line crossing, license plate recognition, and more if utilized with AcuSense or ANPR Cameras along with virtual remote control simulation on I series NVRs and TurboHD DVRs.

Existing customers will get this new Intercom driver at no additional cost. Pricing of the driver suite will not be increased.

Driver Functionality Summary

  • Integration to Control4’s Communication Agent/SIP Server, providing the ability to call Control4 touchscreens and mobile devices (4sight required) for both video and audio communications.
  • The Hikvision DS-KV8xx3-WME1 range of door stations can be configured automatically by the driver to work with Control4 for convenient setup and configuration
  • Ability to set Control4’s Intercom Custom Button actions
  • Ability to trigger electronic locks (output 1 & 2)
  • Ability to use the door station as a regular IP camera stream
  • Automatic push notifications with snapshot for motion and/or call button press (requires 4sight)
  • Through Hikvision’s alert stream technology, the driver can provide the following real-time notifications:
    • Video motion detection alerts
    • Call button press
    • Line busy (no answer)
    • Call Answered
    • Alarm 1 – 4 Triggered (traditionally 1 & 2 are used for door state closed, 3 & 4 is used for exit button pushed but can be used for other programming)

This integration is compatible with the following models of door station.

  • DS-KV8113-WME1
  • DS-KV8413-WME1
  • DS-KV8213-WME1

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