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Control4 Adds Full Support for Pandora Music

All Pandora content is now fully accessible within the Control4 interface, with total control of stations, tracks, albums, playlists, and search and browse features.

The Control4 home control system now supports full integration with the Pandora music streaming service, offering customers complete access to their Premium, Plus, and Free accounts through the Control4 interface.

Reimagined after nearly a decade of partnership, the Pandora integration for Control4 systems now provides users with a truly premium music streaming experience, especially in comparison to other services that offer limited control system integration capabilities.

Control4 - Pandora - Snap One

By integrating a fully functional Pandora interface into the Control4 app, Snap One is enabling integrators to offer their clients an entirely new experience with more access to their music, greater control, and a simpler UI.

Pandora, along with Control4’s many audio integrations, is supported by Ryff, the native streaming audio platform within the Control4 ecosystem. The Ryff audio platform provides the highest audio quality and network-based audio synchronization to prevent echoes and lag across multiple simultaneous zones, including those connected wirelessly. Control4 integrators and end-users have used this technology for over 17 years, and after nearly two decades of development, innovation, and investment, SnapOne has branded it Ryff.

The integration was developed in response to user and Partner requests, with specific focus on easier navigation and the ability to search and browse Pandora’s full library of on-demand content. Users can now access all of their favorite Stations and playlists as well as select individual tracks or albums, as their level of Pandora subscription allows.

The new integration is available immediately to all Control4 Partners and end users.

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