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Crestron Home Version 3.4 Now Available

New features include vacation scheduler mode, support for tuners built-into TVs, and more.

Crestron Home updates continue to move the platform forward. The latest update — Crestron Home 3.4 —includes features such as support for tuners built-into TVs, vacation scheduler mode, and more.

Now built-in TV tuners are accessible using any Crestron remote, touch screen, or mobile device. And to keep it intuitive, it shows up like any other video source would.

Crestron Home Sequences have received some enhancements — now you can make a randomized Sequence to play back lighting and tie it to a scheduled event or you can get even more creative by adding shading, TVs, and music, for the more “lived-in” appearance. Behind the scenes, Extensions, which were introduced at the end of Q4 2020, can trigger a Sequence so an air sensor will signal if there are issues with the indoor air quality and turn on the HVAC or fan vent in that area automatically.

This version also expands “Works with Crestron Home” list of products, including the legacy Crestron (CHV-TSTAT-FCU) thermostat. The list of drivers and partners is constantly expanding, and Crestron’s new Driver badging will indicate Crestron Tested Drivers, while certified CSPs (Crestron Service Providers) are developing drivers for Crestron Home. Check out the “Works with Crestron Home” list.

Crestron has also updated the Crestron Home Configurator to v1.12. Dealers will be able to preconfigure lighting projects that use DIN modules and enclosures, define load schedules, assign loads to modules, create scenes, program keypads, and create reports to assist with installation all before you get onsite. Dealers can even send PDF versions of wiring diagrams to the electricians to ensure the loads are landed properly the first time, so that when you get to the site you can quickly deploy the system with as few changes as possible.

Crestron Home Version 3.4 At-A-Glance

  • Adds support for built-in TV tuners
  • Adds support for digital inputs to be used as button
  • Adds support for random delays between steps in Sequences
  • Adds support so that Quick Actions can be recalled via the scheduler
  • Adds support for “Media Zone Sleep” event on the Media Zone. Use this to trigger custom actions such as turning of the lights when the sleep timer has expired.
  • Adds support to Crestron Home Extensions and Sequences so that events can be fired from an Extension and reacted to by a Sequence.
  • Improves the speed of downloading and installing firmware. The older Smart Graphics UIs have now been removed from the Crestron Home processor firmware
  • Adds support for CHV-TSTAT-FCU (Thermostat)
  • Adds support for choosing custom curve types for the CLX-2DIMU8 (Dimmer)

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