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Crestron Introduces Cloud-Connected Network Power Controllers

Provide self-healing features to diagnose, solve, and prevent power-related issues found in the system.

Crestron has announced the launch of two new cloud-connected Crestron Network Power Controllers and accompanying remote temperature sensor. Dealers who once relied upon outside manufacturers for network power controllers and conditioners can now standardize on Crestron for their power management needs.

Crestron 18-Outlet Vertical Networked Power Controller
Crestron 18-Outlet Vertical Networked Power Controller

Dealers and homeowners alike have long been frustrated by the need for expensive truck rolls and time-consuming support calls to solve routine smart home device issues. From fixing a locked-up smart TV to performing a power cycle to get downed devices back up and running, these day-to-day troubleshooting tasks have historically taken too much time and effort to manage. The new Crestron Network Power Controllers provide self-healing features to diagnose, solve, and prevent power-related issues found in the system. The Crestron Home OS provides a new Device Health Dashboard — a remote power management platform that dealers and homeowners alike can use for alerts and to assess and fix devices from the Crestron Home app.

The Crestron Home Device Health Dashboard provides dealers a seamless solution to access all of their Crestron Home projects. With a collective view of the devices connected to the power controllers, status data makes it easy to spot and fix an issue. Directly from the Crestron Home app, a tap on the power cycle button troubleshoots the devices without ever rolling a truck, while homeowners are also given the control they need to resolve many simple issues themselves.

The Crestron Network Power Controllers have built-in monitoring and adjustable power cycle scheduling and sequencing to ensure connected devices are always operational and power up reliably every time. Crestron network power controllers also provide peace-of-mind with surge protection, power conditioning, adjustable over/under voltage cutoff, EMI and RFI noise filtering, and automatic wiring fault detection, as well as energy metering and advanced activity data logging. Monitoring and averting overheating is made simple when paired with the new remote temperature sensor.

Crestron Remote Temperature Sensor
Crestron Remote Temperature Sensor

Whether through the Crestron Home app, Crestron XiO Cloud platform, or remote network monitoring and management software from Crestron partner Domotz, homeowners and dealers can stay on top of home systems from anywhere, at any time. This ability to remotely troubleshoot network and IP device problems, receive alerts in real-time, remotely access connected devices, manage device power, and perform network diagnostics will save time, effort, and frustration.

The 12-Outlet and 18-Outlet Vertical Networked Power Controllers, and the accompanying Temperature Sensor come standard with Crestron’s True Blue support team, as well as a five-year warranty and enterprise-grade security. These solutions are available for pre-order now through Crestron-licensed dealers.

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