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Linxura Releases the New Linxura Smart Controller

Allows control of more than 50 smart home devices without a hub.

The Linxura Smart Controller allows you to control all your smart home devices with the click of a button. The controller’s portable design makes it easy to maintain all the devices in your home. No more navigating through multiple apps or having to configure a hub. With the Linxura Smart Controller, simplicity and convenience are just a click away.

Linxura Smart Controller

The Linxura Smart Controller, which allows more than 50 smart home devices to be configured, including those controlled by Alexa, Google Home, and through IFTTT. You can bring the controller with you anywhere around the house and take control of your smart home in the kitchen, on the couch, and even in bed.

At the center of Linxura is an e-paper screen that shows four devices at a time to control, with a click wheel around the screen to select other pages for devices and control them. Functions can be customized to work the way you prefer. For example, you can click once to turn a device on, twice to turn it off, and click and hold to enable the wheel to be able to adjust different smart device functions such as brightness, temperature, volume, channel, etc.


Simplify your smart home with custom one-button presses to control multiple devices at once, or fully automate scenes to occur on your preferred schedule. Whether it’s setting the perfect morning ambiance or streamlining your daily routines, Linxura Scenes make smart living effortless and personalized.

Linxura offers true portability and convenience all in one small, compact controller. All of this is included with a battery life that lasts up to three months on a single charge. And if you happen to misplace your controller, use the “Find My Controller” feature on the Linxura app to locate it.

The Linxura Smart Controller was awarded the “Best New Home Automation Hardware Solution” at the 2023 CEDIA Expo by rAVe Pubs. It comes in three colors: Snow Pearl, Midnight Onyx, and Sterling Moon. The Linxura Smart Controller retails for $99.99 at