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New Docking Solutions from iRoom

Now has options for All Apple iPad models with announced 10.2- and 10.5-inch compatibility.

iRoom Docks

iRoom has announced docking station solutions for all iPad models with its new fixDock, surDock, and iTop 10.2-inch and 10.5-inch iPad compatibility. iRoom docking solutions feature storing, charging, and securing the iPad, as well as built-in room control functionality independent of the iPad.

The full range of iRoom docking stations complement Apple’s iPad design with its aluminum frame/base and glass faceplate materials.

iRoom offers multiple style variations to fit every application and environment:

  • fixDock – on-wall dock
  • surDock – on-wall dock
  • iDock –in-wall motorized dock
  • iTop – tabletop dock with control keypad

Key features include hands-free unlocking of the iPad screen with its proximity sensor, smart battery management, flush-mount or surface-mount installation, anti-theft protection with its code-protected removal system, built-in control processor and touch keypad for smart home/business control, and drivers for third party control systems such as Crestron, Control4, Eltako EnOcean, Gira HomeServerm and others. iTop comes with a built-in control processor and a control keypad on the glass faceplate that permits users to control the environment’s lighting, thermostats, door locks, fans, air conditioning, security systems, audio/video, and more through the dock’s touch buttons.

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