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RoomMe Personal Location Sensor is Now Shipping

Sensors identify each person in a household by their smartphone, and adjust the room settings accordingly.

Intellithings has announced that the RoomMe Personal Location Sensor (PLS) is shipping. Featuring new compatibility with popular smart home systems, including HomeKit, Wink, and Sensibo, which control hundreds of Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, these new integrations join a list of RoomMe-compatible devices, including Philips Hue, LIFX, Ecobee, Sonos, and Bose.

Created to make room-to-room, person-specific smart home automations a reality, RoomMe leverages Intellithings patented Presence Sensing Technology (PST) to identify the person in a room via their smartphone and then trigger personalized, room-level smart home scenes for lighting, comfort, entertainment, and more.

With RoomMe, the smart home doesn’t just act based on motion, occupancy, or time-based programs, but elevates the experience with hands-free control every time a user enters an assigned room. The RoomMe smartphone app has insight into which user is in which room, automatically adjusting to trigger pre-set personal settings of that specific user.

“Sensors make the difference between a home that just has a few smart devices installed and a true smart home. Sensors, by name, sense what is happening. With RoomMe, we take that idea a step further: This is not a sensor that is triggered by a pet to turn on a light, but a personal location sensor that knows who is in the room and what that person wants the room to do, automatically,” says Oren Kotlicki, founder and CEO at Intellithings. “The opportunities are tremendous for truly enhancing how people live in their homes and simplifying how their connected devices automatically react to their presence in a room without the need to press a button or shout a voice command.”

RoomMe can be deployed in any house or apartment and is now shipping worldwide starting at $129 for the RoomMe Starter Kit, which includes two RoomMe PLSs and access to the RoomMe smartphone app. RoomMe is available on Amazon, as well as on

See them at CEDIA Expo booth #1743 (Z-Wave Alliance booth).

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