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URC Announces Integration of DMX Lighting Control Systems

New DMX Module and two DMX engines provide for quick integration of URC’s Total Control system with DMX-based Lighting Systems supporting up to 512 channels and 255 scenes.

URC has announced the integration of its Total Control 2.0 system with automated lighting systems using the DMX protocol. The new DMX module, available to all authorized Total Control dealers on URC’s dealer portal, allows for two-way control of DMX-based lighting systems from a URC Total Control user interface. Additionally, authorized URC dealers can purchase their choice from 2 DMX Engines, built by Engineering Solutions, directly from URC.

Originally developed for stage, DMX protocol-based lighting systems are gaining foothold in residential and commercial installations, particularly with the advent of automated lighting controls and LED lighting systems.

“We have many customers in the commercial space that are using lighting systems based on the DMX protocol to automate the spectrum of light to mirror natural light and ease the disruption of circadian rhythms, thereby promoting wellness of occupants,” says Lars Granoe, director of product management for URC. “We see demand for this use case as well in the residential market. Additionally, the DMX protocol, combined with URC’s Total Control 2.0 system allows the user to easily automate LED lighting color changes, motion, dimming, and even chase scenes programming into the DMX lighting system.”

URC’s Total Control Module, when used with either the DMX Engine – RJ45 output or DMX Engine – XLR output can support up to 512 channels of DMX-based lighting and store internally up to 63 scenes. Both DMX Engines were developed by Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Authorized U.S. URC Total Control dealers can purchase URC Total Control 2.0 and a whole host of third-party products that easily integrate with the Total Control 2.0 system on the URC dealer-only portal at