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URC Collaborate With FX Luminaire to Expand Smart Home Lighting Control

Seamless management of the FX Luminaire Luxor Controller is now available with URC’s Total Control.

URC and FX Luminaire, a global leader of landscape and architectural lighting products, have announced a new phase of collaboration in smart residential and commercial automation technology.

URC + FX Luminaire

Starting immediately, URC and FX Luminaire have enabled seamless management of the FX Luminaire Luxor Controller with Total Control. This integration includes native use cases in Total Control’s Scenes menus, allowing events to control multiple systems and devices. The Luxor Controller incorporates zoning, dimming, and color creation capabilities into a single control system using a simple two-wire path installation.

Key benefits include:

  • Unified, Seamless Integration — As part of URC’s Unified Modules, users can automate multiple lighting zones along with other smart categories like climate, security, audio, video, and more.
  • Creation of Robust Outdoor Scenes — With professional programming, users can launch scenes that create the perfect environment. Examples include a “pool party” scene that adjusts lighting devices according to a preset color palette.
  • Simplified Automation Programming — Professional programming is fast and easy through URC’s dealer community.
  • Seamless Remote Access and Control — Allows for convenient control on-site or through the URC user interfaces. The Total Control app allows multiple room control.
  • Voice/Hands-Free Control — URC’s voice commands through Total Control interfaces, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home allow two-way communication with simple homeowner operation.
  • Energy Efficiency — Helps homeowners understand energy usage and ways to reduce costs.

“Partnering with URC and thier advanced smart home automation technology allows us to enhance homeowners’ enjoyment of their outdoor living spaces,” says James Cervantes, product manager at FX Luminaire. “Using our Luxor Controller, they can set themes for special occasions, control the intensity of up to 250 individual lighting groups, and create up to 30,000 colors per zone. The result is a truly next-level lighting experience!”

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