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Axiom Audio’s T2 In-Wall Speakers

Dwight, Ontario — Axiom Audio’s new T2 in-wall loudspeakers are now available. Axiom’s T2 speakers nearly disappear into the wall — yet deliver the same high fidelity sonic signature found in the company’s immensely popular and critically acclaimed M2 bookshelf units.

“Whether mounted on the wall, in the wall, or in framed by a false wall, entertainment systems have become as elegant as a wall painting. In fact, to many people they’ve become just another form of art,” said Ian Colquhoun, president of Axiom Audio. “Our new T Series loudspeakers pay tribute to this trend by virtually disappearing into the room’s wall or ceiling. All you’re aware of is clear, transparent and robust sound that fills the room with excitement.”

Designed for left-and-right channel placement, Axiom’s T2 in-wall loudspeakers are the perfect visual complement to a flat panel HDTV in a living room, family room, den or home theater. The loudspeakers present a façade of only 11.65-inches (H) x 6.4-inches (W); what’s more, each speaker rises a mere 5/8 inch above the wall surface—the lowest profile of any Axiom in-wall product ever.

Yet the T2 is as mighty as it is unobtrusive. It’s SPL of 86 dB (anechoic) and 90 dB (In-Room) and frequency response of 22kHz to 70kHz (+/-3dB Hz) floods a room with sound, making movies, sports and other video entertainment come to life with amazing precision. It also has the same 1-inch titanium tweeter and 5.25-inch aluminum woofer found in Axiom’s M2 bookshelf units.

To ensure that the T2 matches any décor, Axiom Audio offers four grille colors—Eggshell White, Black, Silver, or a paintable version. The paintable grille comes with a special jig so only the edges of the speaker are seen after the grille goes on, for a custom appearance that also eliminates the need to remove speaker parts during painting.

For easy installation, the T2 is equipped with a unique built-in clamping mechanism that firmly anchors each unit in the wall or ceiling when the screws are tightened. Video shielding on the loudspeaker provides maximum flexibility in speaker placement, while the unit’s 5-way gold-plated binding posts ensure no loss of signal from banana plugs, spade lugs or bare-wire connections.

Axiom Audio’s new T2 in-wall speakers are the first products to debut in the firm’s new T Series line — a complete five-speaker system that will give home entertainment lovers a value-priced audiophile alternative. The next speakers in the line, the T150 center channel unit and T80 tower speaker, will begin shipping September 1.

Axiom’s T2 in-wall loudspeakers are priced at $446.00 (U.S.) and are available direct from the company; sales price includes all taxes and free delivery in the U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Canadians also receive free delivery (sales tax not included).