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CES 2021 New Product Showcase

The big show may have been virtual, but that didn’t stop the parade of new gear.

The big show may have been virtual, but that didn’t stop the parade of new gear.

WiSA SoundSend Audio Transmitter

WiSA, founded by Summit Wireless Technologies, is introducing SoundSend, the Association’s first branded product. Consumer Electronic brands can now offer audio enthusiasts smart surround sound 5.1 systems hard bundled with SoundSend or co-promote with premium audio speakers or TVs.

The SoundSend HDMI audio transmitter is designed to make true wireless multichannel audio accessible in minutes, without the need of Wi-Fi, to any smart TV with ARC/eARC connections and transmits high-resolution audio automatically to WiSA Certified audio speakers for an immersive cinema experience at home. Transmitting high-quality 24-bit/96 kHz audio for up to eight channels, SoundSend offers advanced tuning features including My Zone to create the perfect sweet spot, and decoding capabilities for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Atmos.

LG 48-inch OLED Display

LG Electronics’ LG 48C1 OLED TV offers high picture quality in a screen-size that makes it suitable for smaller living spaces. Additionally, LG’s 48-inch display is ideal for “large-screen” gaming, providing many of the features and characteristics offered by the latest gaming monitors. The 48C1 is equipped with the new ⍺9 Gen4 AI Processor, which leverages LG’s Deep Learning AI to automatically detect and analyze individual elements on screen to create a greater sense of visual depth.

In addition to catering to film buffs and sports fans, the LG C1 has been engineered for next-gen gaming, boasting a clear edge, 0.0001ms response times, and low 20ms input lag. The C1 features the latest webOS 6.0 with ThinQ AI letting users easily discover and access content from the wide range of premium services available on its smart TV ecosystem.

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iParcelbox Parcel Delivery Solutions

iParcelBox takes away the stress and inconvenience of missed deliveries, providing a smart, secure and weatherproof parcel delivery solution you monitor and control from your smartphone.

iParcelBox has been designed to be easy for couriers to use. There is no need for them to have any special app or access code — they simply press the button to request a delivery and lift the lid when it unlocks. The first delivery will be accepted automatically, and for subsequent deliveries you’ll get a notification on your smartphone, enabling you to unlock the iParcelBox remotely using the free app. If your parcel needs to be “signed for,” then the delivery driver can scan the unique bar code inside the lid of the iParcelBox as proof of delivery.

According to the company, the iParcelBox solution has been successfully used by all the major postal and courier firms and feedback from delivery drivers has been unanimously positive: It makes their job easy when they are under pressure to make deliveries quickly.

Samsung Q950A Soundbar

The Q950A is Samsung’s first soundbar to produce Dolby Atmos 11.1.4-channel sound. With 21 custom-designed speakers, the Q950A amplifies not just the action in the foreground of a scene, but all the nuances of background sound.

With newly advanced AI technology, the Q950A holistically adjusts and optimizes audio based on numerous variables in a room. SpaceFit Sound builds on Adaptive Sound, detecting the TV’s surroundings, including the distance to the wall and the acoustic properties of the wall, to optimize audio accordingly. Its Active Voice Amplifier boosts dialog volume when the room has background noise, so you can hear crucial scene moments clearly. And with Auto EQ, its wireless subwoofer combines its built-in microphone with Samsung’s AI Equalizer technology to measure how sound travels and reflects. The Q950A was also designed to work alongside Samsung’s 2020/2021 QLED TVs.

SureCall Fusion Professional

SureCall has introduced Fusion Professional, a professional-grade signal booster designed to improve signals in large homes and medium-sized buildings up to 8000 sq. ft. Leveraging SureCall’s proprietary SureIQ and 2XP technologies, Fusion Professional significantly improves cellular signals for all North American carriers to keep users connected in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

The 50 Ohm Fusion Professional was designed with professional installers in mind and provides full automation and control with customizable installation. Fusion Professional also includes SureCall’s patented SureIQ technology, which auto-adjusts the booster’s amplification for best performance based on the strength of the outside signal.

Designed for homes and small offices hindered by slow LTE data speeds or frequently dropped calls, Fusion Professional improves voice and data connectivity on 4G and 5G mobile phones and devices. Its 2XP technology doubles the return signal (uplink power) to the tower, ensuring the cellular connection is maintained, even in the weakest signal environments.

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Bosma Sentry Video Doorbell

With Bosma’s Sentry video doorbell, users are instantly notified when someone rings their doorbell. See and talk to guesd from your phone like a video call with Real 2-way Audio. Busy or missed the notification? Sentry can automatically play a prerecorded voice message to your guest and have them leave a voice message to you, too. Tired of seeing false motion alerts from drive-by cars, swaying twigs, moving shadows? Sentry uses Advanced Motion Detection to only capture motion of people, so you will only receive notifications that are relevant. Monitor your front door in vivid color and clarity, even at night. You can also switch back to regular black-and-white night vision.

Local and Cloud storage is available. Choose to store video clips on the cloud for up to 30 days or store them locally with a micro-SD card up to 128GB, or both.

Connect Sentry with Bosma Aegis smart lock and many other peripheral sensors to build a smart home. Priced at $139.99, the Bosma Sentry is available now.

Shure Home Office Microphone

Whether you’re an associate presenting to leadership, a sales teams pitching to a new client, or a teacher tackling the world of distance-learning, all demand one thing in this new age of virtual collaboration: crystal clear audio that allows them to deliver their message with confidence.

The new Shure’s MV5C home office microphone provides optimal audio quality by prioritizing the user’s voice, not the environment, and is the ideal solution for professionals working from home. The MV5C is a digital microphone that provides studio-quality audio for conferencing and video calls, headphones are optional.

The MV5C features a compact design that easily fits on any desk. With a one-step set-up, professionals can unbox the microphone, plug it into their computer using the supplied USB-A or USB-C cables, and begin using it. The MV5C is a directional microphone and features Shure’s Speech Enhancement Mode to help prioritize your voice over unwanted background noise on audio or video calls for clearer sound with enhanced speech intelligibility.

SANUS Sonus Arc Mounts

SANUS is featuring two new mounts designed specifically for the Sonos Arc. Whether attaching the soundbar to a TV mount or directly to the wall, the flexible solutions allow installers to fine-tune their height and depth to ensure optimal performance for the Arc’s Dolby Atmos speakers.

Compatible with most displays from 50 inches to 90 inches, the SANUS Soundbar TV Mount for the Sonos Arc (WSSATM1-B2) attaches directly to TV mounts, allowing the sound of the Arc to move with the display in any direction. Four inches of depth adjustment ensure the Arc’s Dolby Atmos speakers and mics are clear and working properly, while active height adjustment with an easy release latch provides access to I/O and power ports.

The SANUS Extendable Wall Mount for the Sonos Arc (WSSAWM1-B2) attaches directly to the wall and offers 5 inches of depth-adjustment, while extending to provide easy access to I/O and power ports. For a clean installation, the mount features 10 inches of wide-open wall access for power and cable management using the Residential Systems Best of Show 2020 winner, SANUS In-Wall Power Kit for Soundbar + Mounted TV (WSIWPSB1-W1). The Extendable Wall Mount is available in black and white finishes and includes drywall, concrete, and wood stud mounting hardware.

Perlisten Audio S7t Tower Speaker

The reference Perlisten Audio S7t tower speaker (SRP: $7500/each and up, depending upon choice of veneer) serves as a prime example of the company’s ground-up approach to speaker design. A THX Certified Dominus speaker, the four-way S7t is the missing link between large home AV speakers and full-size models created for leading movie theaters across the globe.

With all drivers designed by the company’s U.S.-based engineering team, rooms up to 6500 cubic feet of space and 20 feet of distance between the screen and main seating area will achieve THX Reference Level sonics. Likewise, in 2-channel systems, the S7t completes the in-studio experience with a naturally wide soundstage that puts the listener in the 10th row center seat of an acoustically precise concert hall.

The S7t achieves the goal of total harmonic distortion (THD) rated below .5% at 90 dB listening levels, and distortion limits at an extreme 120 dB SPL. Property Monitoring Solutions offers property monitoring solutions, smart home security solutions, and professional ATM security. All solutions, devices, and sensors are connected to a mobile app that can control 100 percent of all features. Furthermore, all notifications are sent to a local and/or central live monitoring station. Its servers are 100 percent private and fully secured. No data sharing.

Among the featured products at CES 2021: the 4G IP Videophone for Home and Apartments. Features include instant IP video call to mobile app; unlock remotely from app; 24/7 video recording and night vision; AI face and motion detection; 1080p 2MP H.265 video; two-way audio; opens with QR code virtual keys.

Platin Audio Monaco Line Expands With WiSA SoundSend

WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) is launching the Monaco 5.1, a wireless home cinema bundle complete with the WiSA SoundSend audio transmitter and the Tuned by THX Monaco 5.1 Immersive Wireless Home Audio System from Platin Audio.

The Monaco 5.1 with WiSA SoundSend system gives users immersive, theater-quality sound experiences made possible by WiSA Certified speakers and the HDMI (or optical)-connected audio transmitter. The compact Monaco 5.1 system from Platin is Tuned by THX and combines high-definition audio quality and a less than 5.2 millisecond latency for picture-perfect lip sync. With only a one-microsecond synchronization between speakers, the result is impressive accuracy and clarity. The system fits easily into any size living space — no audio cables required — and users can connect the speakers to any AC outlet. WiSA SoundSend decodes Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital +, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Atmos, and offers audio quality of up to 24-bit/96 kHz. The SoundSend and Monaco combination can also create virtual Dolby Atmos experiences when an Atmos signal is delivered to SoundSend.

Samsung MicroLED 110-inch Model

This year, Samsung takes MicroLED to the next level with the 110-inch MicroLED TV. With standardized MicroLED modules and a black matrix-free bezel design, the 110-inch MicroLED TV delivers high picture quality on an ultra-large TV. Samsung has MicroLED picture quality with a 20-bit Active Matrix glass backplane and its 2021 MicroLED processor. Plus, Multi-View allows consumers to play up to four sources of content simultaneously, including TV apps, HDMI sources, and mobile casting. The layout and size of each source can be customized per user needs. It includes an embedded Majestic Sound System that delivers 5.1-channel sound with no external speaker.

A-T Dual High-Performance Phono Cartridges

Audio-Technica is now shipping its recently introduced AT-ART9XI and AT-ART9XA dual moving coil stereo phono cartridges, two high-performance models designed to deliver extraordinary sound quality and performance. The AT-ART9XI is Audio-Technica’s new flagship magnetic-core moving coil cartridge, while the AT-ART9XA features a non-magnetic core construction. Both models will be featured at CES 2021.

Successor to the AT-ART9, the AT-ART9XI features dual moving coils aligned in an inverted “V” shape, which provides channel separation and imaging along with wide dynamic contrasts. The magnetic-core (iron core) cartridge employs a neodymium magnet and Permendur magnetic-alloy yoke, to optimize energy in the magnetic gap where the coils are located. The coils are made from PCOCC (Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Cast) wire to preserve signal purity. The AT-ART9XI is priced at $1290.

The Audio-Technica AT-ART9XA cartridge offers a host of improvements to the previous AT-ART7. Its non-magnetic-core (air core) design eliminates any magnetic distortion, allowing for a musically natural timbre along with superior soundstage and imaging performance. Priced at $1290, the AT-ART9XA features a coil armature that provides an improved 0.2 mV output.

LG Gallery Design Models

LG OLED TVs with Gallery design provide users with a pleasurable entertainment experience via vivid picture quality, lifelike sound, and AI features. Boasting a Zero Gap wall-mountable design, and a lightweight and slim form factor, LG OLED TVs with Gallery design are stylish home entertainment solutions. Their minimal depth affords users more space in the living room while the design of the integrated bracket and the relative lightness of the product ensure minimal damage through the mounting process.

On top of the Zero Gap wall-mountable design, The OLED TV’s Gallery design can transform the living room into a private gallery with its Gallery Mode. Along with picture quality of OLED technology, this feature allows these TV’s to act effectively as a digital canvas when not in use, displaying artistic masterpieces and breathtaking landscapes.

AltumView Sentinare 2

AltumView has been named a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Health & Wellness category for its Sentinare 2 smart activity sensor. The AltumView Sentinare 2 smart activity sensor is suitable for many applications, such as senior care, security, and telehealth. It has a built-in AI chip, and runs the latest deep learning algorithms. It can monitor the activities of people such as seniors and collect various statistics, which can be useful for different purposes, such as identifying changes to health conditions. When emergencies such falls are detected, it can notify the caregivers immediately. To protect the privacy, only stick figure animations are transmitted instead of raw videos. It also has many other features such as face recognition, gesture recognition, flexible regions-of-interest monitoring, fall risk assessment, and two-way audio call.

Sentinare 2 will be available in early Q2 2021. Learn more about Sentinare 2 at and sign up there to be notified when the pre-order is ready.

Morel Högtalare Wireless Speaker

Morel is showing its Högtalare wireless speaker. Drawing its mechanical design from a purely acoustical approach, the Högtalare is not an overly compact, digital manipulated speaker system made to sound artificially big. Instead, Morel engineered the cabinet to complement its 6-inch woofer and two high-resolution tweeters.

The modern design of the Morel Högtalare gives it the proper proportions to integrate seamlessly into any living space atop a shelf or mounted to a wall. The Högtalare is also proportioned to fit perfectly into any IKEA Kallas shelving system. The speaker was designed with removable grilles available in different colors. Grilles can be bought separately.

Transform the Högtalare to a Wi-Fi speaker by plugging in Chromecast or a similar device into the USB port on the back. aptX sound streaming technology enables streaming high-resolution sound without compromising on sound quality.

Trova Home Safe

Trova Home is a discreet biometric smart home safe designed to maintain the privacy and safety of your daily use items. The company’s largest storage solution brings elegant design, premium materials, and beauty to any interior space. An object of intelligent art, Trova Home protects curious explorers and prying eyes from the contents inside, while remaining convenient for responsible parties.

Trova Home is now boltable into any surface should you desire an extra level of security, A new “Tap to Open” functionality is like a hotel room key, allowing instant access to your Trova by tapping your phone instead of using the biometric verification inside the Trova App. Trova Home has also added a humidity sensor that will help you maintain your desired level of humidification.