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Tech Showcase: The Latest in Televisions

One last look at the 2021 models before the 2022 ones are announced at CES.

CES 2022 is just around the corner, which means that manufacturers will be announcing their latest models that we can hopefully start installing in the spring. In the meantime, here is a look at what is currently available to dazzle your customers’ eyes.

Planar Luxe Television

Planar Lifestyle Displays Adds 100-inch Model

The Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 is the latest addition to the Planar Lifestyle Displays family. The Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 is a 100-inch LCD display featuring 700-nit brightness, a wide color gamut for High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, and advanced video processing capabilities.

With the ultra-thin Planar Profile Mounting System included, Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 installs simply and slimly, keeping the display close to the wall while remaining completely front-serviceable. In addition, users can view multiple sources simultaneously in picture-in-picture, dual, triple, or quad layouts, as a result of built-in Planar MediaPlex Plus processing.

The Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 also offers customers a model featuring ruggedized Planar ERO-LCD (Extended Ruggedness and Optics) protective glass. Planar ERO-LCD technology is an optically bonded glass front protecting the LCD display from damage while also improving perceived contrast to provide viewers with the highest quality visual experience.

Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 LCD displays include a three-year warranty and optional Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 Service Plan, which includes on-site service performed by Planar’s Technical Services to add another level of assurance.

LG DVLED Television

LG DVLED Wall-Sized Display Line

The LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema uses 2 million to 33 million individual diodes (depending on resolution) to deliver high performance with exceptional brightness, years of residential lifespan, wide viewing angles, and a very high color gamut — even in rooms with lots of windows and high ambient light. Notably, Direct-View LED technology is visibly and fundamentally different from “LED TVs,” which are LCD TVs with LED backlighting to boost brightness. Direct-View LED technology images are created directly by the LED diodes and provide high contrast ratio and brightness.

LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema offers seamless 16:9 displays in sizes ranging from 81 inches to 325 inches diagonal, as well as UltraStretch video wall-style installations that deliver a seamless 32:9 display ideal for windowing multiple video sources such as live sports.

LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema displays are available exclusively through a new custom-installation dealer program and cannot be purchased at stores. To help simplify installation, LG has packaged over 30 DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Displays ranging in sizes and resolutions.

Installations of the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Displays include integrator training and customer support assistance; on-site help from an LG field engineer during installation; twice-yearly LG on site visit “health checks” for three years; LG Connected Care software subscription allowing the integrator to remotely monitor their customer’s system performance; and a five-year limited warranty on every display.

Seura Full Sun Television

Séura 2000-Nit Full-Sun Televisions

Rooted in contemporary design, Séura Full Sun Series televisions provide a striking addition to outdoor home décor with details such as narrow bezels, mirrored side panels, clean lines, and a sleek profile. Screen sizes are available up to 85 inches.

The Full Sun Series is built to bask in direct sunlight, waterproof to a high IP55 rating, tested to thrive in any kind of year-round weather, and fully sealed to keep out rain, snow, ice, and dust. Designed with Extreme Temperature Protection, it is an ultra-quiet system that automatically heats and cools to endure temperatures from –40 degrees F to 140 degrees F. Blackout and UV protection prevents the summer sun from cooking the display. The entire television is engineered with top safety standards to prevent corrosion and protect against fire and electrical shock.

The Full Sun Series outdoor televisions are ready to connect to your choice of cable input or smart streaming option like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV products, and more, all within the roomy, weather-tight media compartment. Up-sell the home theater by pairing the Full Sun Series Outdoor TV with one of Séura’s front-facing weatherproof soundbars. Séura’s variety of outdoor soundbars, outdoor TV covers, and outdoor TV mounts can complement the system.

Séura includes a 2-year warranty, which provides the peace of mind needed for outdoor environments, including direct sunlight, storms, and harsh conditions.

Samsung Neo QLED Television

New Size Options for Samsung TVs

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has announced new size options for its flagship Neo QLED 4K TVs and Lifestyle TVs, as well as a new iteration of The Wall — all designed to help integrators better meet their valued clients’ wide variety of needs. Samsung has also updated its Platinum Program, which, through close partner collaboration, has improved Samsung’s CI channel share to its highest level in many years — giving partners an even greater ability to grow their businesses.

Samsung’s Neo QLED QN90A 4K flagship display will now be available in new 43-, 50-, and 98-inch sizes. These new screens join the existing lineup of 55-, 65-, 75-, and 85-inch models. Samsung’s Lifestyle portfolio is also “expanding” to include a large 85-inch iteration of The Frame and a 65-inch Terrace Full Sun for direct-sunlight installation. With these additions, The Frame portfolio will now be available in eight screen sizes, and the Terrace — between its Full Sun model and the original design — will be available in five.

In addition to new consumer screens, Samsung has further developed its LED The Wall (IWA Series). The 2021 model delivers The Wall’s most detailed picture yet — offering what Samsung says is “the industry’s first 8K resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate and simple 8K playback.” The Wall’s screen can be configured to over 1000 inches — or about a quarter of the length of a football field.

Hisense H9G Television

Hisense 2021 TVs Certified WiSA Ready

WiSA LLC has announced a global collaboration with Hisense in which the brand’s premier 2021 TV models have been certified WiSA Ready. This allows for a simple connection to all WiSA USB transmitters and WiSA Certified Speakers to create immersive home cinema systems. Hisense joins WiSA member brands such as LG, Skyworth, and Bang & Olufsen who are implementing integrated wireless technology into their product lines and launches.

Hisense is the fifth leading TV brand in the U.S. and the fastest growing among the top five TV brands in the U.S., by units. Hisense is building on its products by bringing even more options to the market in 2021 for consumers to have a premium viewing experience.

Sony BRAVIA Televisions

Sony Cognitive Intelligence TVs

In 2021, Sony Electronics announced what it calls “the world’s first cognitive intelligence televisions.” The new BRAVIA XR televisions include MASTER Series Z9J 8K LED, MASTER Series A90J and A80J OLED, and X95J and X90J 4K LED.

Powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, the brain of the new BRAVIA XR, the televisions use a completely new processing method designed to replicate the ways humans see and hear. When we see objects, we unconsciously focus on certain points. Cognitive Processor XR, powered by cognitive intelligence, divides the screen into numerous zones and detects where the “focal point” is in the picture. While conventional Artificial Intelligence (AI) can only detect and analyze picture elements like color, contrast, and detail individually, the new processor can cross-analyze an array of elements at once, just as our brains do. By doing so, each element is adjusted to its best final outcome, in conjunction with each other, so everything is synchronized and lifelike — something that conventional AI cannot achieve.

Cognitive Processor XR can also analyze sound position in the signal so the sound matches precisely with what’s on the screen. In addition, it upconverts any sound to 3D surround sound. It learns, analyzes, and understands unprecedented amounts of data and intelligently optimizes every pixel, frame and scene for the most lifelike picture and sound Sony has ever delivered.