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VMP’s Low-Profile Wall Cabinets Now Available

The ERVWC Series is now stocked once again.

After a launch in March that sold out most initial inventory, followed quickly by the pandemic, Video Mount Products (VMP), has announced its two new low-profile ERVWC Series vertical wall cabinets are now back in stock and ready to ship once again.

The “Switch Depth” (p/n ERVWC-5U20) has an MSRP of $499, and the “Server Depth” (p/n ERVWC-5U36) has an MSRP of $699.

“It’s been an interesting year, that’s for sure,” says Keith Fulmer, president of Video Mount Products. “We worked quickly through our initial production rollout after the product launch due to its immense popularity, and then we experienced the same supply chain disruptions as pretty much everyone else. We are happy to report that the ERVWC Series vertical wall cabinets are back to our preferred stocking levels and we look forward to a successful ‘re-launch’ of this great space and time saving solution.”

Available in a 5U configuration in both switch depth and server depth, VMP’s new low-profile enclosures are designed to securely mount EIA standard rack mount equipment and are made of pre-assembled heavy-duty steel. These ready-to-mount enclosures feature locks on the front door and mounting rails are reversible and feature threaded screw hole options for both 12-24 and 6mm mounting preferences, making them ideal to position anywhere floor space is limited. The ERVWC-5U20 (28.8in. H x 25.6in. W x 9.75in. D) and ERVWC-5U36 (42.75in. H x 25.6in. W x 9.75in. D) both have sturdy 150 lb. weight capacities.

“These two enclosures have been designed to securely mount EIA standard rack equipment in an out of the way place such as a back office, closet, retail location, or anywhere that has limited floor space and needs a clean and organized way to secure equipment in a location that is accessible by many,” Fulmer explains. “The ERVWC-5U20 and ERVWC-5U36 have a low profile due to their vertical mounting configuration and feature cable management punch outs, ventilation, and a dedicated location for mounting of a patch panel in addition to the available rack units.”

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