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Wilson Electronics Announces weBoost for Business

Cellular signal boosters are designed to meet the unique needs of the more than 1 million SMBs in North America.

Wilson Electronics has announced a new cellular signal booster product line for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs): weBoost for Business. With commercial-grade boosters custom-designed to meet the unique needs of the more than 1 million SMBs in North America, weBoost for Business is designed for indoor businesses and fleets struggling to stay connected due to weak or nonexistent indoor cellular coverage.

Wilson Electronics SMB Booster

More than 70 percent of commercial space in the U.S. is under 10,000 square feet and 30 percent of those buildings have limited or poor cellular signal. Featuring optional professional installation (U.S. only) and compatible with all mobile devices and wireless carriers in North America, the boosters allow users to enjoy better voice quality, fewer dropped calls, uninterrupted texts, and faster data streaming in any business.

weBoost for Business will be the new home of weBoost’s fleet signal booster offerings, along with new indoor business products just launched: weBoost Installed | Office 200, weBoost Office 200, and weBoost Office 100. With a warranty of three years — one year longer than weBoost’s standard 2-year consumer warranty — and high-performing amplifiers, antennas, and cables to provide maximum coverage for any SMB use case, weBoost is providing a commercial-quality solution with the added flexibility needed to support the diverse requirements inherent to SMB operations.

An entry-level booster system for small office and business spaces, weBoost Office 100 takes the strengths of weBoost’s leading commercial booster — WilsonPro Pro70 Plus — and builds it out even further with an external omnidirectional antenna and high-performing indoor dome antenna that work together to provide an uplink power of 24 dBm.

weBoost Office 200 is a top-of-the-line amplifier designed for all small offices and businesses. Building upon the Office 100 with the addition of a lower-profile indoor dome antenna and the strongest booster in the weBoost for Business lineup, the Office 200 boasts up to twice the coverage area of the Office 100. Its built-in, configurable touch screen panel enables on the spot troubleshooting to simplify performance management, and its 25 dBm uplink power provides double the signal power of any other consumer or small business amplifier on the market besides the Office 100. It is the ideal fit for larger offices and those with mission-critical operations that need the cellular signal stability the Office 200 provides.

weBoost Installed | Office 200 builds upon the Office 200 by adding a second indoor antenna and professional installation anywhere in the U.S. Upon purchase, business owners will be given the opportunity to schedule a two-hour installation window as soon as the next day. Taking out all the guesswork and maximizing the potential of the product, professional installers ensure SMBs will see an immediate improvement in cellular signal after installation with before and after signal readings provided for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

How the Boosters Work

The outside antenna reaches out to cell phone towers to receive a signal. The antenna then transmits this signal to the booster. The booster receives this outside signal and amplifies each of the supported frequency bands simultaneously for all carriers throughout the space using a series of onboard software, low-noise amplifiers, and filters, along with its inside antenna. The device utilizes this stronger signal as calls and data are transmitted back through the booster to the cellular network.

weBoost SMB Cellular Booster - roof

Certified by the FCC and ISED and pre-approved by all carriers, the weBoost for Business product lineup can now be accessed at authorized partner resellers. All weBoost for Business cellular signal boosters feature a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, visit the Wilson Electronics Partner Portal.