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VITAL Announces 2023 Leaders in CI Business Excellence

Honors members who strive daily to improve their business operations and profits.

VITAL recognized and celebrated five outstanding companies with its 2023 Business Excellence Award during its annual member luncheon 2023 at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colo.

Vital 2023 Award Winners

The winners of the VITAL 2023 Awards are:

  • “Top-Gun Award” — Sound + Image, Richmond, Va. (Pictured: Bottom Right)
    Mavericks of the VITAL Cloud Dashboard earned the coveted Top-Gun badge of honor for their unparalleled achievement level among the 28 success metrics.
  • “People Whisperer Award” — Arizona Sound & Light, Tucson, Ariz.  (Pictured: Top Right)
    Outstanding achievement and greatest overall improvement in COMP % (Compensation) year over year.
  • “Bid Police Award” — Refined Systems, LLC., Houston, Texas (Pictured: Bottom Left)
    Remarkable accomplishments in achieving the most improved Gross Margin percentage year over year.
  •  “Richest Man in Babylon Award” — e-Home, New York, N.Y. (Photo not available)
    Top performance in the most improved Net Operating Profit percentage year over year.
  • “Green Kool-Aid Award” — Switch Audio Video & Security, Homewood, Ala. (Pictured: Top Right)
    Enthusiasm to embrace the VITAL process with an unwavering commitment led to impressive results.

“With great admiration, the entire VITAL team congratulates every member who strives daily to improve their business operations and profits. The opportunity to recognize companies that have excelled in our whimsical-named profit-oriented categories is an honor,” says Matt Bernath, president of VITAL.

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