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ProSource Announces 2023 Town Hall Dinner Dates & Locations

ProSource has announced its 2023 lineup of Town Hall Dinners. Sponsored by ProSource vendors, the dinners allow members to enjoy an open dialog in a round-table format that encourages collaboration and sharing ideas on best business practices, engagement with all the ProSource programs and initiatives, and learning from each business owner how they can work together to grow their businesses.

Date               City
6/20/2023       San Francisco, CA
7/11/2023       Seattle, WA
8/9/2023         Denver, CO
8/17/2023       Philadelphia, PA
8/22/2023       Chicago, IL
9/19/2023       Houston, TX
9/19/2023       Charlotte, NC
9/21/2023       Nashville, TN
9/26/2023       Phoenix, AZ
10/3/2023       Boston, MA
10/11/2023     Orlando, FL
10/24/2023     Dallas, TX North
10/26/2023     Dallas, TX West
11/15/2023     NY Metro
11/15/2023     Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11/16/2023     Miami, FL
12/6/2023       Orange County, CA
12/6/2023       Austin, TX

“As we move into the second half of 2023, the ProSource team is excited to bring together our great members and amazing vendors to our Town Halls to discuss how we can all help each other grow as well exchange best business practices,” says Frank Marengo, ProSource director of sales, CI members. “Every year we look to make these gatherings more impactful for both the members and vendors. With the success we had last year, we have added a few more Town Halls to the lineup this year. We are all extremely thankful and blessed that we can bring the best of the best members and vendors to one table!”

“ProSource has a storied history of bringing members and vendors together to work collaboratively toward mutual growth benefits,” says Jim Kozicki, ProSource VP of business development. “Sales volume growth is only one aspect of that benefit. Gaining product knowledge and finding new business efficiencies are also important aspects of the group benefits. Perennially, the ProSource regional Town Hall meetings have been a tried-and-true way to foster these interactions.”

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