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VITAL to Continue CI Business Mastery Classes in 2023

Polled participants in the 2022 CI Business Mastery Class series give the program high marks.

VITAL CI Business Mastery Class Survey Results

Starting in February 2022, VITAL held monthly CI Business Mastery (CIBM) classes covering the ins and outs of running an integration business. VITAL asked its class participants how valuable these classes were and the results were impressive: 85 percent responded and 98.5 percent planned to continue their VITAL CIBM participation in 2023.

Summarized versions of these classes are presented through Residential Systems. Some of the 2022 CI Business Mastery Class subject matters were: Getting in the Right Headspace — How mindset can play a large role in leading your company success; Keeping Score for Your Business — How to better analyze your successes through accounting practices; Optimizing Tech Productivity — Why it is important to measure how your techs are performing; Customer Deposits and Inventory — Managed effectively, these two levers determine the success and failure of a business; and The Big Two: Gross Profit and Payroll — Managed effectively, these two levers determine the success and failure of a business.  To view the full list of 2022 classes and watch previous sessions, visit

2022 Survey Highlights:

  • 98.5% plan to continue their participation = Highly Valuable
  • 93% feel their preference for industry brands is influenced by their support of the CIBM series
  • Over a half felt exposed to new brands by the participating sponsor
  • 100% agree that the Business Mastery Classes are valuable use of time spent
  • 90% willing to recommend CIBM to other industry friends

“There was always at least one takeaway that I could implement right away,” says Kris Dybdahl, VP of Bjorn’s Audio Video. “I had hit a wall that I needed help breaking through and starting these VITAL classes encouraged me to make some positive changes in the business.”

In 2023, VITAL will offer a new series of CI Business Mastery Class via live webinars. Each month, a very important new CI Business Mastery subject is addressed. Each class is supported by an industry brand, who in turn will give away the class to their select dealers at no cost to them. Click here to register for 2023 classes.

Matt Bernath, president of VITAL, shares, “Our goal is to help CI dealers become stronger and more profitable. Learning the results of the 2022 survey fuels our team to grow to reach and serve our industry more. We are grateful to the brands that sponsored and continue to support their dealer network through education.”

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