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Crestron Adds DM Multi-Window Video Processor

Crestron has added the DM Multi-Window Video Processor (HD-WP-4K-401-C) to its line of DigitalMedia “plug-in and present” simple room solutions.

Crestron has added the DM Multi-Window Video Processor (HD-WP-4K-401-C) to its line of DigitalMedia “plug-in and present” simple room solutions. The HD-WP-4K-401-C is a solution for displaying up to four 4K60 video sources simultaneously on a single HD, Ultra HD, or 4K display. Video windowing enhances the presentation and collaboration capabilities of meeting spaces while reducing costs by allowing more video sources to be viewed on fewer displays.

The HD-WP-4K-401-C is engineered to deliver a professional onscreen experience with 4K video quality and smooth transitions. Using Automatic mode, the screen configures itself based on the number of connected sources. Picture-In-Picture (PIP) windowing is also supported. The size and location of the PIP window can be managed at setup or while in operation using the front panel controls, a web browser, or a control system.

For easy identification, each video window can be designated with a custom text label. An additional text field can be positioned at any location to display a static label or dynamic pop-up message from the control system. For branding purposes, a company logo can be placed at any location on the screen.

The HD-WP-4K-401-C provides parallel HDMI and HDBaseT outputs for flexible connectivity to the display device and other equipment. They can be used simultaneously, providing identical signals at each output. The HDBaseT output is also compatible with DM receivers, switchers, and the Crestron DM-DGE-200-C. Input sources up to 4K are supported via four HDMI inputs.

Up to four Crestron Connect It Cable Caddies (TT-100) can be added for convenient BYOD connectivity and collaboration around a conference table. Meeting participants simply press the soft-touch button on their cable caddy to add their device to the system. Four USB ports on the HD-WP-4K-401-C provide power and communications for each cable caddy.

Setup and configuration of the HD-WP-4K-401-C can be done by using the front panel controls or a web browser. Standalone operation is supported for set-and-forget video windowing applications, and for small AV presentation applications. The HD-WP-4K-401-C is also fully controllable through integration with a Crestron control system, which also enables centralized control, monitoring, and room scheduling through integration with the Crestron Fusion Cloud enterprise management service. When used without a control system, the HD-WP-4K-401-C provides essential on/off power control of the display device.