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DALI Speakers to Offer BluOS

Danish speaker company DALI Loudspeakers and Canada-based brand development company Lenbrook International have formed a partnership whereby DALI will offer the BluOS high-resolution multiroom platform as an extension of its upcoming wireless speaker solution, soon to be unveiled.

The announcement marks DALI’s entrance into the growing multiroom streaming category, and signals BluOS as the preferred initial platform choice for DALI products of the future.

“There is a growing list and wide variety of wireless multiroom audio solutions that loudspeaker companies can choose to develop on,” said Lars Worre, DALI’s managing director. “Our team reviewed the options and our performance values led us to the BluOS platform, which has earned an enviable reputation as a world leader in this space. For DALI this is a strong pathway for our future roadmap and it provides increased flexibility for discerning audio customers around the world.”

“DALI is a highly respected company with 34 years of unwavering dedication to its pursuit of audio performance,” said Gordon Simmonds, CEO of Lenbrook Corp. “Given our roots in high-fidelity audio, we simply will not allow computer technology companies to convince users that compressed audio is true hi-fi when we know it is not true hi-fi. Therefore, DALI’s decision to join the BluOS ecosystem is another important signal to the world that convenient and modern access to high resolution audio matters, and BluOS is the platform of choice for this ambitious task.”

BluOS is a proprietary, brand-agnostic platform, which means that any BluOS Enabled product connected to the same Wi-Fi network can share music libraries and playlists, regardless of the brand of speaker or audio component. With the addition of DALI as a hardware partner, music lovers will be able to choose from a variety of traditional hi-fi and modern wireless products from DALI Speakers, NAD Electronics, and Bluesound, to create a wireless whole-home audio system.